For more than ten years there has been developed a trend that involves the reconstruction and decoration of nails , a method that allows you to stretch, strengthen and paint in many different ways Fingernails but also the feet. Generally there is expertise in the field even if lately with the use of lamps and enamels gel semipermeable you can easily create beautiful and decorated nails even within their own four walls. Obviously, if we want to achieve our nails on something more complex and sophisticated is advisable to use of skilled professionals.

Many of you have probably already heard of the CRACKLE reported to decoupage decorations that take place on the furniture and various home furnishings and accessories decorated through this technique. The CRACKLE is an indication of the rifts, and in fact even in nail art, it is just to create small cracks that go to featureless the enamel. The basis on which we will achieve the CRACKLE can be either transparent or colored, in this second case, be careful to choose a base that gives prominence to the enamel which will be the effect CRACKLE.


CRACKLE The effect can also be achieved without the use of water, but it must be said that the water CRACKLE allows you to create numerous cracks in fine lines and a more intense color that tends to fade, so it is more beautiful. You will need to prepare your nails, clean them well, remove debris and enamel cuticles and file them with care. Then proceed to roll on nail, a smoothing base (or ultra smoothing). Let dry for about 5 minutes. To prevent the CRACKLE you can pull behind the base if he had not dried properly, be sighted and passed on the basis of a “fixer brilliant.” Leave to dry for 5 minutes more and spend a nail art polish color of your choice or simply transparent according to the effect they want to achieve. Using specific products there is no need to take the water, just pass the glaze over the base and wait until it separates spontaneously opening. Stretch a fixer and your nail art CRACKLE is complete.