You have beautiful hands, long shapely legs and an enchanting smile, do not hesitate, you could know how to become model detail.

“Until now, we choose our models on their physical criteria, a flawless skin texture and body measurements unusual.

Now, we do not hesitate for a second to give work to people who have a great pair of hands, feet and legs extraordinary, beautiful eyes and beautiful hair, “says Eric Perceval Sport Models in Paris.

You are recognized? And if you try your luck? Discover how to become a model detail.

What does the “retail model”? Being model detail is to showcase her hands, legs, feet, buttocks, her eyes, or her chest.

People practicing this activity entrust their body parts especially beautiful at photographers or filmmakers spot television to extol the virtues of a product.


There are no specific measurements like mannequins parade, it is only necessary that the body part you want to highlight meets the criteria for agencies.

You will also learn to be patient! Indeed, be a model detail is also having to wait for hours in uncomfortable poses sometimes.

But that’s not all, you also have a healthy lifestyle and impeccable care especially the part of your body you want to use.

Frequent manicures are necessary when one is dummy hand or foot, and in the same way, a mannequin leg must be impeccably waxed before each casting.



The salary of a beginner is between 500 and 900 euros for the day, the remuneration is higher for models confirmed.

Note, however, we do not see the face of retail mannequins, and therefore you will not receive rights to the picture!

Who to contact?

As with traditional modeling agencies, you have to send a portrait, a photo walk-but also, and especially, a picture of the body part you want to highlight.

Some modeling agencies have a department and body details, it is, for example, the case of Dynamite agency, agency idol but also Nathalie Model Agency.

But be careful, as the modeling classic, choose your agency carefully and beware of scams!

You’ll understand if part of your anatomy is the current canons of beauty, do not hesitate to send your photos to one of the agencies listed above, it can earn you money!

And if you like this particular job, why do you also launch a modeling career as a body double?