Espadrilles shoes have always been the must of the summer. Discover together the most beautiful models of 2013.

Every summer back in fashion. They have shoes and straw, what are they? This is not an impossible riddle, but only to understand what are the most popular footwear among women in the summer. Not mince words, we reveal which are the espadrilles, shoes based in straw, which you can find both low and high. Perfect for going to the beach, lower temperatures, or to exit the afternoon to take a walk, those high, espadrilles shoes turn out to be still among the most loved by women. It is not about their beauty but of comfort. In fact they are very light and practical, they conform perfectly to the feet.


For you today we have a few choices, including models coolest summer 2013. There are those at ground level, practically the dancers, and high frequencies. This first selection of base models provides geometric patterns on fabric. The first model is a zig zag all colors and fashion enthusiasts will surely have realized that it is a creation license plate Mission and embellished with fun polka dots. The model below is far less expensive, because it is a shoe license plate Aldo and characterized by a series of rows color natural rope.

In this second set, I still chose to show you two espadrilles ground level. The first is again characterized by a series of colored lines, this time in tissue and in purple, and carry the signature of the brand Toms . The second model differs much from the previous ones, as it presents this particular processing crochet, which is well know all the rage this summer . Convenient and practical, and above all very romantic, it is a creation license plate Yamamay.

Among the tall models, however, I have chosen for you a beautiful and colorful wedge of unequal. This model, developed in this effervescent turquoise, is characterized by a multicolor flowers on the band which presents a particular fantasy and intense. The wedge is instead characterized by this fun game bicolor made ​​in contrasting natural rope. Beside a model very very special. They are lace-up shoes by Tabitha Simmons , particularly with striped blue and red light, color and natural rope wedge. Convenient and tasty, you can wear them in many occasions.