Blue, blue and green that we find in the shades of the water contained in glazes.

To feel on vacation, why not put the colors of the sea on your nails?

This is the trend this summer that sees new collections dedicated to these colors, but there are also others that you can find and use: blue, blue, cornflower blue, green water, green Caribbean, there are many and all very natural. In version for different effects: matt, glossy, metallic, you can combine. And really you can feel with the sea on your fingers. Let’s see what are and what you can get, perhaps during a few days off choosing from the trend of last minute goals .



Chanel has among its different shades of blue enamel, blue and green, even in latest collection . Among the coolest lacquer called Riva, a glaze is produced in limited edition but if you browse on the web, in some e-commerce site still exists, as well as the Blue Rebel and Blue Boy. Otherwise there are also other colors in the permanent collection as’ Amur (465) from the delicate tone and clear, the new vague and (527) which is a water-like blue green Caribbean and Coco Blue (551), the more intense and more eye-catching. Bel Argus (667) is instead a very iridescent electric blue Yves Saint Laurent green Orient, a teal green, very reminiscent of the deep dark sea. It also has a beautiful green water of the collection last year, for something more eye-catching and summer. By Yves Saint Laurent, there is also this top coat or the lacquered Couture Tie & Dye because it goes agitated and then every time you get a different effect in the basis on which the enamel is applied, among the four, Ice Coat Azure is that wanting can be applied by just leaving a delicate color very chic.

Kiko There will be spoiled for choice. The Italian brand has many colors that really have any updates, we recommend the following very specific: 295 cerulean blue, a shade of blue opaque green 294 blue intense color for a summer 267 metallic blue, if you love the shining effect 300 blue electrical metallic, also changes according to the light 265 blue metallic, dark but very elegant 344 green sea mist Dior. The summer collection is linked to the colors of a bird, Bird of Paradise collection also includes the shades of the sea: a beautiful green water, a metallic green very metropolitan and an intense blue.

If you want something more glossy Dior also has the color gloss lagoon. Collistar Collistar also has in its collection of celebratory ‘Happy Birthday’ a beautiful blue enamel, very intense and reminiscent of the water, but also has a green water can combine. The French cosmetic company called his collection of lacquers summer Aquatic Summer Collection. Sea, sea and more sea: Simply Aqua (500) is the very light blue, baby, very cheeky, Aqua blue(545) is a light blue with subtle shades of gray, Plunge Pool (561) is blue full, real goes with everything and Ultramarine Green (521) is the classic teal very elegant. marine If the colors have not convinced, try to look for other glazes that go great with a tan .