How many pairs of socks every day we buy, how we change, and how many Buckingham! If we had a nickel for every sock thrown, surely we would be rich. But we never thought of reusing socks high school, grainy and full of holes? Surely you do not become rich, but at least we will have spent our money so more intelligently. Let’s see what might be all the possible ways to reuse socks.

The operation is simple and affordable for everyone is to collect the socks to fill pillows. Frayed and reduced to small pieces will form a soft padding to fit into old covers or pillows torn and deflated. Alternatively, for those who have greater skill with needle and thread, you can create elegant applications on the pillows stained or discolored. Simply roll up each sock rose-shaped, serpentine or bow and attach it with two or three points on the pillow to be renewed. The work will be highly effective, especially if the socks covering the entire surface of the cushion and are all the same color. Otherwise it would be good to study before an array of colors to create rows of roses or flakes alternating.


Even simpler is the idea of binding the stockings to each other to create the frankfurters para drafts to use under the windows or doors. To make them larger and heavier, then you can enter the stockings inside one another, and only then tie them together so “stuffed”. If you have the bedspread washes instead of pillows chair or bench foam equally ruined, even in this case we can repair the damage by applying our stocking by way ‘of flower or any other shape you want to achieve.

Let us now turn to personal use . Have you ever thought of obtaining a scarf or a hat from old socks worn? No need to use crochet or knitting work, just a little ‘fantasy is needed to achieve genuine masterpieces. Just tie a sock to the other with big knots. Each end that will advance from the node, must be fringed with the help of a pair of scissors. Cutting each sock into strips , in fact you will get a soft and frayed fringe which will create a very special effect to our original scarf . The important thing is to make cuts very large, because the mesh socks tend to fray and to roll. So when I fraying testimonial account. The same technique can be used to make a hat. Starting from the circumference of your head, you tie a sock around to take the measurement. Starting from the sock tied in the shape of a circle, then there will bind the entire round at least 5 or 6 socks which then will be left long, sewn along the length and knotted all at the end with a big knot that will fall off right at the tip of the head . This big knot then go to recreate a fringed pom-pom.