Either you love it or you hate: The fashion of the 1980s. People who have experienced this decade their adolescence look, usually shamed back into her past. Fashion sins, like neon leggings, combined with garish T-shirts in improper color combination, shoulder pads, sneakers with Velcro, as well as colorful sweatbands were a necessity in every teen’s wardrobe. In addition there were over sized jewelry and watches, Mullets and extreme makeup trends not just those at the woman. This fashion trend can be seen from today’s perspective in any way as extreme. This in terms of colors, shapes and sizes. But in addition to the well known “mainstream fashion sins of the 1980s,” there was also fashion trends which have emerged with the then subcultures. With the versatile music styles were just as varied fashion trends on.

New Fashion Trend by New Wave

New Wave is one of those musical movements that their own fashion trend has spawned. This musical style evolved from the genre of punk. Known representatives are probably “The Cure”. To distinguish itself from other trends. Similarly cool and melancholy, as the music was, then put on their trailers. Dark or brightly colored hair was teased high and combined with dark painted eyes. Light and dark colors were combined in clothes. Even if the colors do not correspond to the mainstream, so at least matched the pattern of the typical 80’s fashion : Over sized T-shirts were worn to partially perforated tights. To large Sacks, including shoulder pads were combined with leggings. Those were happy Sacks also made ​​of genuine leather. Puffed sleeves and bat sleeves also enjoyed great popularity among followers of this fashion trend .


Parallel to the development of electronic music is also the hip-hop developed further. Followers of this genre combined in their typical fashion trend balloon pants with brightly printed, over sized T-shirts or jerseys. This popular way worn sunglasses and flashy neon sweatbands. Moreover, at this time was already on the trend toward over sized necklaces with pendants of hip-hop. The baseball cap fashion also came on for the first time as part of the hip hop movement of the 1980s. Those caps were then worn diagonally and not particularly like are indispensable in the hip hop fashion.

New Fashion Trend by “sports movement”

Besides music also influenced the fashion sports aerobics the fashion of the 1980s . The aerobics style was a popular mainstream fashion trend. Due to the increasing body art among young people, sport has become increasingly popular. Accordingly, the fashion was in the gyms collection. The popular aerobics videos from America before it did: women wore Bodies to colorful neon leggings. This like an over sized jersey was worn. The shrill sweatbands, as well as cuffs were allowed in this fashion trend not missing. Men were to women in every way. Although she wore no bodies, but also tight clothing paired with sweat and headbands.

Also, if you like to look back today with a smile, should not be ignored that the fashion trend of the 1980 year our current fashion has influenced not only understanding, but always reappearing in some aspects. Be it. In the form of cuffs, over sized accessories or even in neon colored tops and leggings And in an appropriate combination of at least some aspects of the fashion trends of the 1980s are still stylish.