When you find yourself with a bit of a windfall around tax season, you are no doubt gleeful with the prospects of buying yourself something, something you’ve always wanted. Sure, you can go out and waste it on an expensive dinner, or you can buy something that you actually want that will not only retain its value, but will appreciate in value and potentially even be part of your estate’s legacy for generations to come. What better way to thank Uncle Sam for the generous return, than to have it live on forever. What might you get, well let’s take a look at some items that can give you joy now, and increased value later.

1. An Old Name Brand Acoustic Instrument


Old acoustic instruments retain their value more than you might think – and in fact, their craftsmanship back in the day was so exquisite that today’s manufactured guitars and violins don’t hold a candle to the old ones. So when you find yourself with a holiday bonus, it’s time to consider getting yourself one that is worth the money, an instrument that plays like butter and also will appreciate in value. If you get a nice enough instrument, they age like wine, and the more they are played and the more they are cared for. If you fancy yourself a player at all or just want to strum some Beatles songs, a nice guitar is a wonderful addition to your life and is not going to lose money for you. You can play it and enjoy now, knowing every strum is making the wood warmer and more valuable for your children and their children.

2. Invest in Art


The art market is a little like the stock market: you can’t be sure that a young up and coming artist is going to be the next big thing and net you millions if you invest now. But if you buy a known commodity, an already-established artist, there’s a really great chance it’ll appreciate. An investment in a lovely piece of art is both providing an immediate satisfaction, and also will increase in value so that in the future it can be turned into profit for you or your kin. Also, a beautiful sculpture or painting really spruces up a home in ways that a piece of art from Target never could. It’s worth the money now, and the tax return will not be wasted.

3. The Fancy Watch You’ve Always Wanted


Since we all carry timepieces as part of our cellular smart phone portable computing devices, many of us have lost the desire to wear an actual physical watch upon our wrists. But that’s too bad – a nice watch is still a beautiful accessory. Depending on how big your tax return is, you will have many options as to what type of watch you can afford. I recommend finding one you love at a trusted place like The Watch Buyers Group – you can peruse their offerings online at http://thewatchbuyersgroup.com and you’ll know that the watch is a real one, and will last for a lifetime. There will be a paper trail of its history and repair work, and you will get a time telling piece that can be passed down family-heirloom-style to generations to come.