How to become a Model? How do I start, who you should contact, what are the mistakes that those who want to try to become a model should be avoided? We asked Federico Superina, booker of models, and we talked about just this topic. Here’s what he said: If a girl thinks he measures the height, the face, in short, if you think to be perfect to become a model but rather live in Cagliari and Recce what to do? Must come to Milan to start? Yes, in theory this is a little ‘problem. In Italy the only markets where you can work, where there are agencies that work are threefold: Milan, Bologna and Rome. But the real market for modeling is Milan.

In Rome, do something, Bologna Emilia Romania customers (who are good customers) we work with as well as Milan, but they have all the girls that we have, more than other girls in the area. So, if a girl thinks he has what it takes and do not want to come to Milan, living in those areas, you can try to start in Bologna and Rome, and then eventually come to Milan at a later time. Especially if one goes to school. Milan takes the place in which there is constant work, there are from 3 to 10 casting day, girls can be followed, helped built. We have for example 6 from 9:00 to 19:00 bonkers dedicated to the models, and sometimes even beyond. Milan is the only real market.


Small agency big agency? What kind of agency is best to contact to get started? Look, against my interest we are an agency and are great around for forty years, more or less big or small is not so important. What is important is to go with reputable agencies. With an agency to help you, and share the costs you, maybe a test is paying the girl, one pays the agency to be clear: the serious business of an agency is not to make money on tests of the models.