Many of us prefer to go through life in jeans. A festive occasion like a prom or another party with chic dress code can therefore sometimes be quite an embarrassment. You see yourself not go into a long dress! And how do you choose? When it comes to jeans, you know exactly which model you want. But a prom dress.To help you we have some rules of thumb for you.

1. Beginning with the selection of the color

Choose your color based on your taste, personality and occasion. If you choose a dress in a color that you ‘know’ is, you feel instantly more at ease. Go with yourself after what colors you wear often and whether these colors are suitable for the party to which you are invited. So is white to a wedding is not a good choice.

2. Choose the right model

The model you choose depends on your taste and the occasion. Answer the following questions before you go shopping:

* Keep your bulky or slim dresses?
* Do you or simplicity of adornment (ruffles and flowers and buttons)?
* Go for long sleeves or a sleeveless dress (remember that you might be a short jacket or shawl need)?
* What are you wearing the dress when you go out?


The model that you choose also depends on your physique. Keep the following rules in mind.

1. Spaghetti straps are slim
2. A cut neckline in a V-shape makes you look longer
3. Smooth fabrics like satin and silk can accentuate a tummy
4. A straight or flared dress hides love handles
5. Have little feminine curves, try a dress with a high waist and gathered
6. Plain dresses dress slimmer off than dresses with patterns
7. Black is slim (but everyone knows that)
8. Do you have a large bust, do not for a low-cut neckline
9. The smaller your breasts, the deeper your cleavage may be
10. Do you have slender legs then you can split a Diogenes afford, you have some fuller legs opt for a less high slit
11. Be careful with strapless dresses: they should fit perfectly. They may not be your cleavage ‘cut’ but not descend!
12. High heels are a must!
13. Choose the right dress length (and Calculate the height of the heel during the match)

Personalize your look with accessories

If you go to a prom dress then you should be a classic. Personally, we enjoy some personalize the look with the choice of accessories. So should we believe you quite a bit provoked by under your dress no heels but sometimes a few spicy plateau boots with high heels to wear. The choice of your bag does not, in our ‘traditional’ to be. It is these details give you the opportunity to distinguish you from others and your own personality to wear.