No shirts and sunglasses on the streets after sunset

At last summer. The most casual season of the year. All brakes are loose. Well, not all! There are quite a few style mistakes that we believe you can better avoid:

T-shirt or shirt with sweat stains

Course it is sometimes inevitable that you sweat sweat stains on your clothes but try as much as possible to prevent or camouflage. Wear a shirt under your shirt to sweat to absorb and adjust your rhythm to the temperature. It is very hot, take more time to get from A to B so you have less heat arrives. Or opt for an air-conditioned vehicle. It is also smart to materials and colors to choose fewer signs, such as white and black T-shirts.

Socks in sandals

Fortunately, something we see less and less but it is still not done. Also socks moccasins are not chic. And let’s also consider getting off the sneakers with white socks (and talcum powder!) Under shorts. This look is so outdated.

Sunburn skin

Not only is it not healthy to burn, a sunburn skin is also quite shabby and unkempt. Good lubrication is the advice. Pay attention to protruding parts like shoulders, nose and feet.


Tanned arms and a white body

Is a classic: tanned arms, a tanned face and a white hull. Certainly not as successful as you in your swimsuit on the beach appears. Try to avoid color variations through properly lubricate and protect you from the sun or for a little vacation in the backyard to tan (weather permitting!).

Shirt on the streets

Shirt on the streets in many gyms, you may no longer sleeveless training, let alone that it is stylish for your shirt in the streets to show. Do not! A T-shirt or a nice shirt is much nicer.

Surfer Swimsuit

They are from that formless surfer swimming trunks to the knee. Would you look great coming, then choose a more streamlined model. Beautiful fitting boxer swimwear are trendy. Do you enjoy a slightly larger model go for a swimsuit to about mid thigh with a not too high but not too low waist.

Butt crack or underwear in sight

No, no and no again! Buttocks completely in the pants. And briefs can not be seen, nor will they be another expensive brand. Keep everything inside!

Wraparound sunglasses

They are from the so-called wraparound sunglasses that just about your entire face hide. Go this summer for a classic model. Would you do hip, then you can on blue mirror glass car but you have to come from very good family style there along for the day to come. Wear sunglasses in no case after sunset (and thus not in the nightclub).

Short sleeves and tie

It may still so warm at work but do not wear short-sleeved shirt with a tie. In a relaxed moment you can roll up the sleeves a while (downside is that they crease) and tie pulling business contacts but during his long sleeves is a must.