To avoid abuse and the spread of false modeling agencies who might be tempted to take shape by referencing independent status freelance model does not exist. Although it appears in the list of professions suggested by URSSAF, it is not applicable, as the status of “Freelance Police” is not an option. Only real modeling agencies holding the license model agency are entitled to make delivery of invoices for a “modeling”. A customer who uses a mannequin outside agency will use it as a real employment contract (fixed term contract).

“Every contract by which a person or entity to provide remuneration, the assistance of a model is deemed to be a contract of employment. This presumption remains regardless of the method and amount of compensation and the designation of the contract by the parties. It is not destroyed by evidence that the model retains complete freedom of action for the implementation of the work presented. that the model retains complete freedom of action to enforce its presentation work. ”



The model is independent of wages to form CDD (fixed term contract) by the user, its client. The customer will have to take care of all the administrative rights to employment and its welfare. When a user (advertising, painter, photographer) wants embank necessarily contain the following elements:

* Civil status (name)
* Date of birth
* Place of birth
* The social security number
* Nationality
* Mailing address
* The title of the job (dummy)
* A copy of the identity card or residence permit with mention of work permit

After delivery, it must establish a payslip proper form must clearly indicate the gross remuneration, the various contributions, the net salary and check the model. Because the state imposes 62% charges on any payment of salary and administrative complex, professionals who use models generally prefer to use the services of agencies or foreign models may charge for their services.