The term Hipster was born in the United States in the ’40s denoting generally white boys of middle class fans of bebop and jazz. Basically, they were trying to imitate African-American jazz musicians , style and habits, as well as in the passion for that particular type of music. The hipster represent the derivation of white Hep cats and, as mentioned above, are characterized by possessing a particular style, even in dress. With the passage of time, their style has become a real fashion, undergoing, at any of the changes. In this guide I will therefore give you some tips cosmetics to become a true lover of fashion-hipster .

The most important detail is, for both women and men, wear pants that are as tight as possible. Some men even wear models for women! If you are a boy, do not I suggest you take this extreme that, at the height of the horse could be quite uncomfortable! Moreover, by now, in the shops, you will find the perfect men’s pants hipster style! You can opt for a beige, black or gray. Either way, you’re free to customize. The shoes should be as simple as possible and with flat soles, like All Star dancers or for girls.


The Hipster hates to be cataloged or incorporated into particular patterns (although now it is just a fad!), So wearing custom shirts, preferably wide and with special symbols or logos of groups who listens. Prefers, winter, plaid shirts but, in this case, narrow and tight, possibly wearing, above, a simple sweater. Her hair is tousled, voluminous and preferably longer, as if they look after the minimal care of his appearance. In most cases, men wear a mustache instead of a beard.

You could also wear hats, caps, and maybe, if you’re a woman, you should not wear makeup too, always to remain faithful to the philosophy of “not caring excessively” Accessories are welcome, especially the goggles, because they help in customizing of their own style, but at the same time should not be too flashy or extravagant . Finally, do not forget that this fashion typically comes from a musical movement: as icing on the cake, headphones in your ears, all day long!