Hair, for many women, or almost all, I am a very feminine side that, at times, also plays a role quite provocative when confronted with the opposite sex. Whether short or long, straight or wavy are always in order and are subject to many different changes of look at or anything that requires their care then shampoo, use conditioner, cut, plate and all the objects that commonly seek to create the hairstyles, even a simple queue. Precisely for this reason, they can, over time, become brittle; for this reason, it can take precautions so as not to attack too the skin. Also with regard to the color and tint, as they are also produced with chemical agents, we must be careful not to use too frequently. This guide will show you how to lighten hair naturally.


One of the natural remedies and adopting a practical element that can be found in every kitchen, it is expected that the use of chamomile. The preparation of the recipe is simple. Provide to put on the fire a pot full of water where then will insert two sachets of chamomile. When everything is brought to a boil, turn off the heat and let cool. After you wash your hair with your usual shampoo, you have to wet them all or only the strands you want to lighten with the infusion previously cooked and then allow to air dry without using hair dryer or any other means. For best results and to lighten it further, you have to repeat this operation, always after shampooing for at least two or three weeks depending on your degree of preference for the color of the scalp.

Another ingredient that you can find in the kitchen, but it also has this feature is the lemon. Take two lemons and squeeze them well with a half cup of water in a glass or container. After mixing the two, take your locks or the whole hair and moisten with the recipe just created. Let it set for about half an hour and rinse with water. This formula, however, is not recommended for those who have dry hair as the lemon itself tends to dry out your hair; then all is fine except for that particular case.