There are different techniques to make a half-moon nail art . Obviously the same depend on the manual that you have and the tools available. In this tutorial I would like to give you some helpful advice in order to achieve a perfect nail art half moon without a trip to the beautician.

First of all you have to do a manicure on nails. Then start to remove cuticles with a special stick “crushes cuticles.” After running it filed the nail to the desired length and giving the same look more round or square “of course depending on your taste”, then apply one enamel protective evenly “to prevent the polish that you are going to apply later can stain or damage the nail. ”


At this point you will have to create the half moon nail. For the more experienced can be done freehand. For girls who have a steady hand advice to use a fine-tipped brush, so you can safely run the half moon without creating any snagging. Instead, for the girls who will approach for the first time to create a nail art crescent advice to purchase the stickers . These are available at any well-stocked perfume and have the appearance of a half moon. These adhesives can be applied on the nail “leaving space for applying the nail polish” and allow the nail lacquer in a simple and secure. Once the glaze has dried you can simply remove the sticker and see the result of your perfect half-moon.

At this point you can apply nail polish top coat “the ideal to create a perfect nail art half moon would be a French-style rose-colored semi-transparent, to give light to the nail and bring out the white half-moon. ” Obviously, this manicure is long enough to run “on average it will take about twenty minutes to half an hour and the girls expert for the less experienced” but offers a truly remarkable accomplishment. If you do not have to waste all this time, however, I recommend that you apply the drops (or spray) nail polish dryer “the latter allows the polish to dry completely in just 30 seconds.” Also, if you want to enrich your manicure can also apply stickers or glitter on the nail.