Dressing up for a beach party should be the easiest action in the world, but since everyone loves to complicate your life by excluding, adding, and assuming such garments dress, we will give you some tips to unravel in a company that could take titanic characters. The theme of the summer should be light and simple characters, but you can still wander between styles of clothing and several still valid, depending on the theme of the evening and the event to celebrate. But what is it? The beach party is a sparkling event , organized on the beach, preferably at sunset, when the sun gets nicer, especially in the summer . It can be a pretext generic or specific , such as a birthday, an anniversary, or any other opportunity to spend an evening of fun cheeky . The following will give you some tips on how to orient yourself in the choice of clothing to wear, not to be out of tune and to be comfortable for the duration of the party.


Of course, the women will have a wider choice of pink, can range from dresses with ruffles, dress shirts, shorts , pareos, skirts, tops. The boys, however, will have to rely on different lengths of the pants, and colors, for the rest of their clothing , enough performance knows classic.

For a casual evening not to theme, and for an age group ranging between 16 and 36, you can fall back to a really cheeky look. For ease of movement you choose the short to mid- thigh, solid color to combine with a floral print top, as dictated by fashion and shoes , choose sandals that are very fashionable this summer; if you want to add a few inches to your height you put wedges of raw materials, replicating the colors of your dress-code. Put also the jewelery pendant with the colors worn, and a nice clutch to marry the style adopted. They are very popular handbags with wrist strap, as in the image, which in addition to being small turn out really practical.

Can you choose a nice dress with ruffles and tropical shades, risking a beautiful flower in her hair and adopt a hairstyle just mentioned, messy and not too formal, perfect curls and soft waves, half pulled up and the other half loose, adorned with little flowers ..

But man can choose to wear shorts in solid color, with a floral shirt top and matching shoes to the color of the shorts or knee-length jeans, paired with a brightly colored vest, taken from the shoes. Perfect the colorful “Espadrilles”, which are experiencing a new diffusion; are cool, comfortable and prevent filing’s the sand between your toes. For men’s accessories, it would be a pretty nice hat model “Havana” or similar, which recalls the color of the shorts or shoes and vintage sunglasses with lenses and iridescent iridescent.

But what you can not miss to both men and women, is to wear the most dazzling of smiles along with the desire to spend a fun evening, summer and in good company, with the sun peeping and dusk just announced, going to lead the starry sky illuminated by the gentle moonlight.