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Fashion trends for Autumn / Winter 2012

In the Winter 2012/2013 is opulent fashion: crystal applied, gemstone colors, velvet, brocade and quilting structures are used in the coming season. Who the summer of 2012 after mourning uses, the remaining trends like flower prints, pastels and tip insert an extra round and can also be worn in the fall of 2012 on, only with a little more drama. you can Referendum info about what to say to the leader and how they have adapted their range accordingly. Pastel is seen everywhere, just in time for autumn is gradually through some dark brown and Bordeaux, but stresses that the mood a little and is therefore always spiced up with bright flashes of hat, scarf or small accessories.


At the same time, besides the classic dark tones in various highlights totally atypical colors, including purple is just as cool pastel, which occurred in the summer in its creamier version. A crystalline snowy landscape is reflected in the collections, frosty pink can be found as well as fresh mint and clear light blue, the combinations can affect the winter-sweetly romantic. Some fashions choose silky pink, punctuated by shimmering shades of blue and lilac, sprung so that the collections seem a fairy tale landscape. Bright shades come in silk satin to their best advantage, which can look very casual in winter. Ice Blue Maxi-shirts, leather jackets and skinny jeans give the upcoming cold season their spirited pep.

Trendsetter in the fashion industry

The major trends of fashion winter 2012/2013 are leather and transparent materials, knitting, and Shimmering Tweed. Combinations of black and white, blue and red are still worn, they were already in vogue in the previous year and have won the hearts of fashion lovers. with the latest, most interesting and thereby cheapest trends are detected, the selection is truly overwhelming. Who found a coupon to your taste, can redeem the code in different free, displayed online stores, among which are found highly interesting newcomers. Then paste the code when ordering in the “coupon code” is entered immediately saves you money with the latest fashion. The trends for the summer of 2013 could be seen on the Paris Fashion Week again, only one thereof shall be revealed: The fashion remains as exciting as ever.