A jacket suit is a garment women’s classic and timeless. Perfect with a skirt or a pair of pants to complete, a suit jacket can turn again classic and formal head casual, modern and youthful thanks to a different way and more dynamically to match the clothes. Here’s a quick and useful guide that will provide some simple ideas, but effectively, to learn how to match a suit jacket making it feminine and fashionable without its allure classical and more mature woman.

jacket suit

Pair a suit jacket is not just to create a look from office. A suit jacket can be a surprisingly versatile and dynamic leader, very versatile, to match clothes so as to create an outfit very youthful and perky, suitable for leisure and fun. With a little fantasy, a suit jacket can leave the office and become the perfect garment for an evening with friends! Here is a first idea to match a suit jacket with a simple pair of jeans. Skinny jeans, tight on the leg, with a pair of shoes from the colored high heels and a T-shirt printed a little cheeky, a jacket can be matched to suit the classic cut for a perfect look to drink with friends.

A second idea to best match a jacket suit is to approach it in a stylish dress. A colorful dress, attached to or a little soft on the body, it can very well accompany a suit jacket instead of the usual blazer or a shrug. With the high-heeled shoes or boots, so you can create an outfit evening, great for a party or a romantic occasion and special.

Finally, here is a third idea to match a jacket suit. For a casual look and understated yet elegant, feminine and seductive, a suit jacket can accompany the pants long classic cut, the model cigarette, that is soft on the hips and narrower at the ankles. Just then match the right accessories, like stylish shoes and a clutch bag to carry by hand, and wear under the suit jacket, a top shiny and bright, perhaps decorated with beads and sequins, or a transparent blouse from lightweight fabric and fluttering, like silk or chiffon, in pastel shades, such as antique pink or green jade, or a pure white. And here’s a great evening outfit, elegant and feminine but not too flashy, for a nice suit jacket a little ‘vintage .