We all know that black is the classic color for excellence, giving the wearer a touch of elegance and sophistication. Therefore, black pants should be a real must in every woman’s wardrobe. They lend themselves very well to be used both in the evening of that day, dispelling the myth dies hard that black is a color typically evening. Like all clothing, however, blacks pants also require a degree of foresight to be able to match correctly. We will see now how to combine them in this guide carefully and have a flawless look.

There are a multitude of styles and cuts of pants blacks, all current and equally exploitable, but under different circumstances. We must therefore be careful not to fall into the trap of using too flashy pants in a formal situation and instead be able to distinguish when we can enjoy some whim more. We must, in short, to know how to choose the right model according to the occasion.


For example, a pair of tight pants and a little ‘shiny, our forms that stand out and are members of the ankle may be suitable for an evening of fun at the disco or at a pub. With these pants the one and only feasible combination is the one with the high shoe. A nice heel 12 in this case is a must. To be avoided sneakers or ballet flats, as they lend themselves very badly with this type of trouser. At the top you can opt for a white shirt, maybe a little ‘curled, wearing a little unbuttoned at the neckline. Contrary to common myth, black does not fit with each type of staining, but rather, with most of the combinations creates an odious flag effect, as for example with the red or green. Then the white is the color that best fits with the black; also a delicate ecru could go. D are also absolutely avoid blue and brown. On this set fits a black trench coat tied at the waist and a matching bag underarm.

If the pants blacks are softer with a cigarette leg that falls straight, their length should not exceed nor discover the heel, but is expected to remain higher than a centimeter. Stated that, now let’s focus on the kind of shoes that you can use with these pants. we can opt for an urban shoes, in trade are different shapes and colors, but the most delicious are definitely the ones with a high rubber sole that are tied in the center. As for the color, we can create a slight detachment with gray, but also the light hazel makes his figure, while the black would be to avoid the monotony that is created. This kind of pants is fit for the job, so should be combined with a formal jacket in broken color as dark gray or ecru, tweed or dotted. As a basis you have to match a shirt, a t-shirt or a turtleneck strictly white if the jacket is gray.

Otherwise, the basis for a jacket ecru pants on blacks must be equally black. Care should be taken to never mix too many colors, although tone-on-tone, not to create annoying and unpleasant harlequin effect. The maximum should be always two. To conclude, this complete, you can wear a jacket-coat padded jacket covering up the backside. Here, too, the color always apply the same rules: black (best carbon black), light gray or ecru. If you choose the dark jacket, it will be better to revive our scenario figure with a beautiful wrap-around light in color. A soft hazelnut would be fine.