The properties rosehip juvenile acne, brittle hair, frizzy, and to regenerate skin and especially burns.

The plant of the rose hip is a wild shrub, single, pink flowers that grows in the Andes. When the petals fall from the flower, the plant develops a reddish fruit oval. And the seeds of this fruit of which is extracted Rosehip oil magic. This oil is responsible for the beneficial action of Rosehip Oil in skin regeneration, as they are noble substances, essential in the growth and maintenance of new cells in the outer layers of the skin.

The rosehip oil in mature skin care

Rosehip oil eliminates and prevents skin blemishes, wrinkles and scars. Its properties were discovered during a study that was conducted at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology, University of conception in Chile.

This study was based on the properties of healing rosehip oil, was performed in 200 patients with scars resulting from surgery and burns. Surprisingly, the continued application of this oil effectively erased scars and wrinkles, and helped rejuvenate the patient’s skin.

Its benefits are the result of its high content of essential fatty acids polyunsaturated: linoleic and linolenic 44-49% 28-34%, which are directly related to the synthesis of collagen. These acids are noble substances, essential for areas where high rates of proliferation of new cells, as is the case of the face.


The rosehip oil acne cure juvenile

The shells of these seeds contains 20 times more vitamin C than lemon and 8 times the kiwi. Vitamin C of this plant strengthens the immune system of the skin, promoting the treatment of acne and preventing the entry of bacteria that may increase the problem. This plant is used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, but the last two or three decades has proven to be very effective for skin restoration, and was first used in the world of beauty, and natural cosmetics. It is also true that the results are not overnight, you have to be every day in a consistent, overnight to penetrate better and soon will be the improvement of the skin and the disappearance of the grains.

The rosehip oil in hair care

The hair is usually spoil especially in summer, with the sun, seawater and chlorinated pool. Also in winter with the use of shampoos and abuse of the hair iron. This causes dry and damaged hair. Sometimes hair reflects the health of a person, as a lack of certain vitamins or other conditions as anemia. Cases of foreign aggression are more treatable, and if damaged, brittle hair does not get any better than Rosehip oil as natural cosmetics.

Homemade recipe to repair damaged hair with rosehip oil

We sort of hair mask, which follows need to beat two egg yolks in a bowl, add two tablespoons of pure rosehip oil. He turns to stir until creamy. Once we have the mixture, moisten a bit our hair with water and apply the mixture on the tips creamy and long travel. It is left on for half an hour giving a cap and heat with the hair dryer. Then wash and dry your hair as usual. This process should be repeated once a week for one to two months to see the results.