Lighten the color of the jeans jacket is a great way to give a new look to a pair of jeans that you have for a long time and that excites as the day of purchase. jeans can be lightened by using tools that you can easily find in any hardware such as pumice and sandpaper, or by using the more widespread bleach .

Prepare jean jackets and decide how much you want to lighten the color , and at what points. At this stage it is also important to decide which method to use: To lighten evenly is undoubtedly more practical bleach , but if you prefer lighten them at precise locations is preferable pumice stone or sandpaper . If you want an even color is advisable to iron them, so as to avoid creases that might otherwise clear.

If you opted for the bleach prepared a bowl (large enough to hold jeans without bending too), fill it with hot water and add half a cup of bleach. A larger amount speeds up the process, but increases the risk of lighten excessively. Also, remember to fill a second bowl of cold water , without bleach. If you have chosen to lighten with pumice stone or sandpaper, prepare a shelf plate (a table covered with sheets of old newspaper is fine) on which you can work smoothly.


If you have chosen the bleach, soak the jeans in the bowl with hot water and bleach Attention: the color of the jeans is basically easy to remove so just a few minutes. Monitor the situation to avoid excessively lighten Once you get the color right immediately switch to the next step. If instead you have decided to work with pumice or sandpaper, started to rub the jeans at the points where you want to get a lighter color and rub in moderation check the color that you’re getting It ‘important to remember that this method is abrasive, so avoid to insist too much not to excessively stress the canvas For the same reason, avoid rubbing the seams too: you could easily damage them.

Reached the desired color, remove from the pan quickly jeans with bleach and dip them in the bowl of cold water. The cold water stops the process of clearing bleach. In making this move operation beware the sketches: do they reach the clothes worn or damaged surfaces. If you chose another method, once rubbed jeans wanted to obtain the appearance, in order to eliminate the residues due to abrasion, you can then evaluate at this point the overall result. If you are not happy or if you have forgotten some areas, repeat the previous procedure.

Whichever method you used to bleach jeans, before storing them in the closet or wear them you need to wash them again to remove residual bleach residues arising from the pumice. It is important to make this final wash cold: the fabric has been stressed in both cases and washing in cold does not put you to the test further.