Do you want to adorn your hands with nail art that represents something different from what may be a simple French manicure or single-color dye? Then follow our directions carefully composed of practical tips and advice that will help you understand how to do to accomplish on their own, with little time and minimal expense, an innovative nail art jeans that will match perfectly to your everyday sportswear and jaunty.

Start helpful in finding tools and materials: you will need only two main enamels, one blue colored glittery dark and the other orange, then with the tip of a brush as fine as possible, if not micro, a basic whitening and a fixative. Prepare your hands by removing any residue of previous applications with an appropriate solvent with which impregnated a cotton ball. Therefore started with the spread on the surface of the nail just cleaned the base bleaching: it will protect you from any harmful chemical components present in coloring the nails and prevent the yellowing of sensitive parts.


Now take the blue glitter and give a pass Wait patiently drying: this must be perfect in order to avoid subsequent problems or imperfections If necessary, you can try to speed up the wait operations using the jet a hair dryer at moderate temperatures or purchasing a practical oven for manicure in a specialist shop. Will now be the most difficult, challenging and will require a great dexterity and precision. Take the tube of orange, Wait dip the cap and the brush-tipped fine. You’ll have to draw dashes along the outer edges of the nail: they will call their visible seams typical of jeans. You can work around the entire circumference or only under the nail smile line or over the lunula, whichever you prefer.

Even now you’ll have to be patient and wait for everything to be properly dried. This brings us to the final stage where you just have to brush a final pass of liquid fixative to seal your work well and allow it to last so that we can show the result to your friends in no time: a nice nail art jeans .