It was back in 1853 when gold was discovered in California, and many men went immediately on the spot to try this new precious metal. Among these men there was also Levis Strauss, seller curtains, aprons and clothing for seekers of gold. It was he who, using for the first time, denim, along with a tailor named Devis, created the first pair of jeans!

Although there are different historical periods and different nationalities to vindicate the invention, this remains the most widely known and accredited, as well as poetically the “most-in-full style American dream,” the moment of birth of jeans! Over the centuries, the jeans has undergone countless mutations and, garment purely from work, he became one of the many MUST the fashion world.

You lose the bill. if you start to make a list of all the models, patterns and characteristics of tissue in which it is at today ‘s world, this product chief’ s clothing. From the classic 5-pocket cut men (the famous 501), up to models stretch fabric, with a high waist or low waist, straight or with rhinestones, fabric washed and lived with colored cloth and tear at strategic points short, long, flared, cigarette, slim. In short, the jeans has been transformed in every way, and still do not know if we got to the end of these myriad changes, or if we’re just all beginning.


jeans is not only the “changed” by the various styles and designers of the moment and adapted to various needs: what is extraordinary about this garment, it is the influence, which in turn exerts passively on each generation. It been a symbol of revolution and an instrument of communication, expression of discomfort, the desire to change, to desire for redemption. Used by generations, including our own, to express themselves. Jeans are one of those increasingly rare tel-furniture that has given us the ‘inspiration of an individual, in order to interpret each season delusions of leadership than others.

E ‘for this reason that there is no rule in ​​pair a jeans. There is a moment in which this garment is inappropriate. We’re finally to the point where a pair of jeans can be worn on any occasion, not only for its natural versatility, but also for the fact that around there is something for every taste. Discounted like garment of “every day” with vests and tops, elegant for the hours of work and a sober shirt and a jacket, both for the man for the woman; fashion for outings with friends paired with bright colors (trend of the new season), T-shirt, sweaters, high-level galas, if you choose the slim version with rhinestones, enhanced even more by a beautiful heel 12. ‘s not negligible either the economic factor: the jeans is always the ‘cheapest investment there, you are sure it will never go out of fashion at least until the last!

And if you wear a pair of jeans for women, it becomes like going to the amusement park of fashion, for the ‘man is finally a way to stay tidy, stylish and trendy without spending hours shopping short, this story has a happy American end, is that the jeans, when worn, it becomes your second skin … and you know: you can put on that what is more to your taste!