Each season has its trends and must-have pieces and summer is usually characterized by sunglasses. Discover with us the most beautiful models and original to be always trendy!

The summer is here and the sunglasses are absolutely essential. Probably we all have at least one that was kept in a drawer or lost in the maze of a few bags. But are you sure you have the right frame for this summer 2013 ? ‘s right, the trends on the sunglasses are always changing. True, the models of all time, such as those to drop or rectangular, there are in every collection because everyone should protect their eyes from too strong rays of the sun, but there are also many new frames to be cool at all times. But what eyewear are the trends of summer 2013 In short: wood, mirror, camouflage and cat-eye. descend in detail and discover together all the most trendy sunglasses this season.

Strange? Curious? Yes, the wood is the new must-have this summer 2013 ! Enough with the frames made ​​of metal or acetate, it is time the wood, a natural material, but with a certain topical absolutely vintage. Hard to find sunglasses in wood in the “normal” collections. To be safe you have to choose the brand specialized in this field, such as Vision Wood, Shwood and Palens.


Sunglasses with mirror lenses

The mirror lenses are known but not everyone likes. The advice is to try them, even if you have already done. In the new collections stand out lots of colorful patterns that offer mirror lenses green, blue, pink, orange. The style is more sporty, you just look at the numerous collections that offer them.

Sunglasses camouflage

The fashion of military camouflage print is well-established , so much that now also invades the world of eyewear. Strange but true frames are dressed in green spots and depopulated especially among young people. Where to find them? Try the new collection of sunglasses Oakley 2013.

Sunglasses cat-eye

And we conclude with this frame. The sunglasses cat-eye, for the uninitiated, are those that lengthen the look, making feline and sensual . It is a model that is utterly feminine reliving a new season. It is located within any collection of the best-known brand, such as Gucci and Vogue , so you’ll be spoiled for choice!