This fall-winter proposes a woman of classic lines within a collection that is filled with clothes very basic for day to day and that are ideal for a casual look or to go dressed without getting to look etiquette. The dark colors and simple lines predominate as a maximum in all its designs in which it is also possible to break that monotony with printed fabrics and softer colors.

Fall-Winter Collection

It has remained faithful to the style of the firm, which characterizes him so much. This autumn-winter offers leggings as well as skinny pants that fit the silhouette of the woman and those made in point. The alternative is the fluid trousers, which also tend to be patterned. In the skirts the collection is quite wide, finding designs of short skirts in which are added some differentiating elements as the side pockets or the pare type. Of course, there are no ties to the waist, which are also present in some pants and shirts fluid fabrics to put the differential touch on the neck.

The blouses or shirts are stamped following the trend, especially with paisley shapes, which are also used in dresses where you can see some inspiration. There are also the proposals of floral prints or polka dots and pictures, which are one of the great trends of this new season. For the cooler days, jerseys swan type is mainly imposed, as well as knit jackets and sets that combine both garments. Different proposals are those made in advance or the American’s classic cut.

Jackets and coats are part of this collection of in, which predominate double-faced garments and lined, as well as leather or leather jackets. Wool coats in their more classic conception are necessary of this season. In the following seasons the dress are very comfortable and fashionable also.