Jeans are one of the leaders most widely used, due to its practicality and durability. All this implies, in turn, a greater wear particularly at the knees. In these cases, the first idea that comes to mind is to put a patch, but it would spoil their appearance young. Here is a guide that will teach you how to retrieve a pair of jeans broken, keeping their youthful and trendy.

If the jeans you still dress well and the only sign of deterioration is cut to the knee, you may decide to include an insert in elastic lace, in part inter ma of the trousers. To invoke the insert, you could fill the pockets with the same lace. Choose it white to give a more romantic air, or black for a more sexy.


If you did not like the cut of the leg more, because little dated and modern, you may decide to derive the classic shorts or hot pants. accessorize These might marchioness the back pocket and echoing the studs also on the edge of the opposite front pocket, or on a passer-by. Studs are very much in vogue at this time. Arvie I recommend puncturing with a fine-tipped screwdriver points where the studs intersession, to simplify the job.

legged “remaining,” you might get bags for odors or carryovers to put the mothballs in the closets. Simply cut off the section of leg that interests you and sew the bottom; Once placed inside what you want, you can close tying a ribbon, or with buttonholes and buttons. Cutting the pants, as if to create short, and opening the horse, you get a mini basic. Simply add up the parts of the horse, as it appears when opened, and recreate the frayed hem or leave it.

Perhaps, one of the ideas more creative is the realization of a bag. This, I suggest in the case there would dress pants best in life. Simply cut the jeans to high horse, so you have all the pants open. Sew the part that is now open, two ripened a couple of inches to the ‘inside the cloth; legged, obtained the strap (cut the bands close to the width into four parts, and then sewn to have the straps finished). Insert a zipper at the waist, to close your bag, or created by a slot tie in with the original button jeans. well made ​​bag, can be decorated to your taste with all the materials Recycling plants that you have available.