The denim fabric is one of the most popular and ever-present in the wardrobes of men and women of all ages. In addition to classic jeans jacket, one of the most versatile items of clothing as the different cuts available to fit any really physical, and stunning skirts, which distinguish the look of teenagers, there is another boss really beautiful fabric made ​​of denim: The jacket, another evergreen of our wardrobe, suitable for all ages and available in various models. It is a really versatile head, because thanks to the neutral color of the denim can be combined in many different ways, creating the always new look. Wear it, but not be out of fashion is not easy, so in this guide will give you some useful advice on how to pair a jeans jacket to be perfect for every occasion. Happy reading!


Let’s start first with some advice for girls. If you’re still teenagers, love to wear clothes are not too heavy, comfortable and suitable for the look of a school or university, you should choose a jacket in denim that allows you to create a casual and sporty outfits, but at the same time highlighting the lines of your body emphasizing the entire womanhood. The ideal is a wasted and well-fitting jacket, worn with casual pants, maybe tight at the ankles, printed T-shirt and eye-catching and colorful sneakers. Also perfect skinny jeans, stretch cotton and are available in all the pastel colors, to wear especially during the spring season. Council to avoid the total denim look, so do not even wear jeans because careerist looks a little too heavy and now appreciated.

Incredibly versatile and very suitable also for over 25, the jean jacket can also be worn for an evening out with friends or a disco party. Perfect for a slim and slender silhouette, but can also be worn in combination with a skin-tight dress, and even to give a personal touch to the classic little black dress, ubiquitous in the wardrobes of every woman. In this case it is preferable to opt for a short vest, arrives at the breast, so as to bring out as much as possible your curves and look ultra feminine even when wearing a garment in denim is synonymous with clothing for sporting excellence. If you prefer to go clubbing replace the sheath with a more casual attire, the jean jacket is also perfect to accompany a top and shorts.