Johnnie ground knows how an entire family with an exceptional fashion concept brings a smile to my face.

Johnnie floor is with a lot of heart. His label soil contributes not only his name but also his signature. With great attention is devoted to London’s fashion. These are the colors, patterns and styles that, paired with much sensitivity to the needs of its customers, a friendly and familiar concept.It may be that the ground not just “this name” is. The British shipper based in London knows how to make his fashion the audience tangible and allows its buyers to be part of the family floor with charm and wit. With high-quality, individual and colorful clothing for the whole family and a creator with clear principles and sympathetic base is an exemplary concept in which it is not just about selling.

Johnnie ground – from bankers to fashion designer

Sure is the way of the Johnnie soil characteristic of the strategy that makes the company so successful. With a grin on his face he told today still like to “randomly”, which brought him into the fashion industry. During his stay in boarding school Eton were found for the first points of contact Johnnie ground in fashion as editor of the teen edition of “Harper and Queen”. After studying at Oxford, former stockbroker finally worked in the United States. Not his dream job, as he freely admits, but his father felt a career in fashion as less appropriate.


Convinced by the idea that one should not do anything in life from which you are not convinced, he cut his way through the jungle shares, but according to him is not really satisfactory, and always with an eye on what really fascinated him: fashion. He noted that many of his colleagues tipped their wardrobe with high fashion house shipping. The idea was born, especially catalog shopping at this time in England was not yet popular.

An idea, a concept and a lot of ambition – how it all began

With new projects Johnnie soil went back to England and started his idea to give color and form. The financial resources for professional models ranged at the time from, so he hired friends and relatives to present his first designs. Inspired by the high standards of the U.S. shipper he presented in 1991, finally makes his first catalog consisting of eight menswear products. In terms of good prices and quality, individual clothing by Drop ship Johnnie soil has thus occupied a niche in the UK.

By its first women’s collection in 1992, extended his ground catalog and portfolio built In 1996, the children’s fashion “Mini Boden” and later to “baby bottom” and the teen-line “Johnnie b”. The unstoppable ambition of Johnnie soil was overshadowed in 1997 by a slump in the warehouse. But the significant damage this incident in no way dampened the will Johnnie soil expand its collections and the company even further. This went on in 1999 in the UK, the online website for the first time, expanding the sales via catalog.

With the launch of the ground in the U.S., Germany, France and Austria of 50 years can look back with pride at what he has created. With a team of more than 800 hard-working employees, the father of three daughters justly claim to have created something extraordinary. There are core values ​​such as “Fashion should make you happy”, with which the ground each season surprises again with beautifully designed pieces in the unmistakable prints. The open ear, the interest in the needs of the customers and of course Johnnie soil themselves, who lives considerably, making what he sells, the company so likeable and still convey that special “You and I” feel what ground the first day has aired.