Who has not ever done cleaning closets for clothes that are now short or are not doing well because they went out of fashion? Maybe just that old pair of jeans that once we liked it so much, but now you can not wear because you are spoiled with the years. But you just can not throw them away! To throw in the garbage can, you can find a solution to the problem of modernizing the dear old pair of pants in a specially created with the personal taste of each one of us so that we can have a custom accessory to show off. Nowadays, there are kinds of jeans, those shorts, which are nothing more than shorts suitable for disco nights, a walk or an exit to the sea during the summer, though made ​​of jeans fabric. Let’s see how to create fashion shorts from an old pair of jeans.


The first thing you need to do is to take the action; In fact you have to wear them with a piece of chalk or pins, as you are more comfortable and more convenient as you are, put the point where you think is best, so the length is personal as you decide what should be your short shorts. After doing this simple task, remove the garment being careful not to prick yourself with the pins if you have them used over and lay on the table, spreading it well to make sure you cut the same size as all 2 parts.

When you are ready to cut, take the scissors and begin to eliminate the amount of excess fabric, leaving about 2 inches of space between the cut made ​​and the extent to which you have taken. This is because then you will need to do the hem and then sew that piece. Try to be very careful while cutting to make sure that the two sides are all equal and symmetrical.

Now you just need to take a needle and thread and sew the hem to make the cuffs of your pants. I have written 2 cm, but if you prefer you can also increase the width. Everything is at your leisure; or if you prefer, take a razor blade and frangibility to make them even more special. Also in haberdashery you will find everything to achieve a genuine new shorts with beads, stickers and more. Everything is up to your imagination and how you want to make your new garment. Unleash your imagination and realize your custom shorts! Good work!