Create amazing hairstyles and fashion is an inherent desire of every girl’s passionate style. In this guide I would like to teach you all the tricks on how to make hair accessories simple and really having an effect. In this way, you’ll either recycle a lot of material that you already own is to create the perfect accessory for any occasion without spending too much money.

Pick up some old junk in the house (like broken necklaces, fake flowers broke away from the stem, beads, sequins, coral, colored stones, buttons “strange”, false skyward, former clasps pressure, waste cloth, etc). You should therefore create combinations with recycled materials, and observing the latter, follow your inspiration. Then take the hair clips large to make the accessory that I will explain in the next step. Take the tulle or fabric light (also recycled from former or favors from an old scarf veiled). With this pink tulle you will need to create a very pretty and romantic to be applied over your large clip. To make a pink tulle then you will have two options.


To make the flower in the first way you’ll have to cut a strip of fabric about 6 cm high and 40 cm long. The length is only approximate, because you can choose the length that suits you best. Because of it, in fact, the rose will be larger or smaller. Once cut the strip of fabric will be sufficient that on itself, simply by rotating between the fingers. Initially rolled the fabric very closely to form the roll center, then gradually, continuing with various swirls around, loose fabric. To make the flower in the second so you always have to cut three strips of fabric, respectively from 25 to 50 cm of an average height of 6 cm. Separately, with needle and thread, curled each strip, pulling the thread you tacked to the base. Then curl inserted inside the other, starting with the smallest and ending with the largest. Then all the stops with needle and thread in the rear.

if you do not like the end result of the flower made ​​of fabric with a single layer veil, you can fold it in half and create strips of different heights to give a realistic movement to the final result. In this case, the tissue will reach a height of 12 cm. Once you have performed the central part, which is the rose, you have to put the side. Cut one long strip 40 cm wide and 18 cm. Overlap the two ends of the fabric and cut, forming a point. With needle and thread do points to secure the fabric in the central part of the strip and pull the end the cotton thread to create the curl.