It’s not too long ago when we explained to you what fashion design actually is. Today we want to tell you something more about the topic of fashion design. In the introduction, you learn something about a few general facts about fashion design . Furthermore, we tell you about the industry and give you one or the other application tip for your fashion portfolio. Finally, we call you and listen to some of fashion design colleges.

Fashion Design – General

Fashion Design, you can study at a public or private university. Earlier still a degree, the Fashion Design degree program is the “Bologna agenda with a Bachelor of Arts (BA)” or “fashion designer / in Master of Arts (MA)” offered. Dabei can rely on different forms of higher education. Can enroll you at a college or university that offers a design and fashion department. However, there are art schools and vocational / supplementary schools offer a degree in the direction of fashion.


As Many fashion designers make themselves after studying independently in the form of an independent label, to the theater or a TV to work as a costume designer, to a photographer or an advertising agency take are of course employed by other labels as a fashion designer, or even walking in the area of fashion journalism; begin as stylist and consultant for fashion. The possibilities are not so limited, and depending on your preference and ability, everyone should be able to find something for themselves.

Fashion Design – Subjects and Modules

Of course, to distinguish which form college has been chosen depending on the university and has all its own gravity. Nevertheless, we would generally summarize what you will encounter in your future fashion studies very likely. Packages can be said that a degree is a very creative experimenting and studying. Is provided in experiments, especially in the first semesters of very strong and try to be as fast as possible find their skills and strengths, so that a later specialization should be nothing in the way. In addition to the experiment you get the necessary basics taught.

That means you can learn about the form and color theory, over different cuts, different materials, introductions gets in the fashion trade and learns the first dress to sew, as well as first introductions to the digital world. At least you should then Adobe Photoshop and the Mac will not be a stranger. Complements the study is a theoretical section in the form of cultural studies, as especially in the design preferences and the symbolism is very different. Soft skills such as correctly presenting the curriculum should not be neglected. At some universities, the more likely is the case of private schools, the fashion-design student gets rough economy still conveys knowledge.

Fashion Design – The Industry

The industry of art, design, advertising and fashion is by far not only a day of incentive travel, kickers and kick-offs, as it is often conveyed in the media, and especially in some soaps. The reality is in fact quite different. Overtime: Not infrequently they have the dress or the XY campaign “asap” as they say, are the best ever made ​​ready until yesterday. Stress and high stress, criticism: who can not tolerate criticism, who can not tolerate criticism can sometimes really hard, being in this business, we believe, wrongly canceled. Criticism is part of the everyday and the only way to improve his work. Since the customer is often one or the other must be many times made ​​new order because it is not so with the expectations of the customer to purchase. Of course, applies here: “as soon as possible.” Willingness to learn:

As a creative person must always be up-to-date and constantly making progress. For changes not only the technology is constantly growing, but several trends appear and fade again, to recognize it as the true creative and use. creativity and think, we consider far more important than a dress to draw perfectly, and it is assumed order in the region to gain a foothold at all can. become really rich in the industry, only a very few, but that should not be the main reason anyway, if you have chosen the profession of fashion designer or a fashion designer. Passion and “fulfillment” for what you enjoy doing, should play a much larger role.