The first Zara store opened its doors in 1975, selling clothes for men, women or children, achieving a great sales success. During the following 10 years began its expansion by Spain, creating in 1985 Inditex, like head of companies of the group. Three years later it opens its first store outside of Spain, in Porto (Portugal), followed by other countries like USA and France. At the beginning of the 90 begins the explosion of expansion by the entire world-giving rise to the creation of new companies of the group.


The Zara fashion is based on the needs and concerns that the customer demands. This is handled by a team of more than 200 professionals who receive information from 1,462 stores in 70 countries around the world every day, knowing firsthand the ideas, trends and tastes that society demands.

Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear fashion is inspired by the spirit of youth achieving a casual and casual style. His style has managed to form a universal culture. The fashion designed for the man and woman of today, independent, urban and cosmopolitan. Its 452 stores in 35 countries offer a wide variety of clothing in urban sophisticated and sporting lines paying special attention to fabrics to make them pleasing and quality. Their goal is to get a flawless image and a comfortable garment.

The fashion is focused on younger audiences. It was created in 1998 with a new concept of fashion and shop, turning the experience of shopping into a cultural approach of the current youth. In its 553 stores in 38 countries, we can find large spaces with decoration, with the peculiarity of being able to listen to music or watch a video clip at the same time that we make our purchase.


The fashion of Stradivarius bets on the latest trends in fashion, getting designs and complements cutting edge dynamic and original that fit the international fashion of the young. Its 425 stores in 27 countries offer a young and dynamic environment with the same style of light and color. Fashion offers a large selection in the lingerie and women’s underwear sector. Get a comfortable and casual garment with a sexy and feminine style. In just 7 years since its inception, it currently has 340 stores in 22 countries where we can find a wide variety of underwear, homemade clothes casual and modern outerwear as well as accessories and accessories.

Zara Home

Zara Home Fashion specializes in textiles and home decor. It has 229 stores in 24 countries with the same motto: introduce the latest fashion trends in our home. For this, it combines classic contemporary, ethnic or white styles in a great variety of textiles for bed table and bathroom tableware glassware cutlery and other decorative objects.


Kidd’s children fashion is part of the Zara stores. At present, it is present only in 5 countries: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Greece. It is the latest creation of the Indicted group. Although it currently has 17 stores open, it is planned to create between 20 and 30 stores in Spain, Portugal and Greece this year. Uterus offers us a great selection in accessories such as handbags, footwear, imitation jeweler and leather goods manufactured in quality leather and leather. Its shops offer a different style, reminiscent of an old English library, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere thanks to the combination of wooden furniture with careful lighting and betting on environmental care.