It ‘a problem shared a bit all: we want to be tall and thin like our favorite models . Regarding the weight, just a little simple physical movement and a balanced diet . But what about the height? Well, in China all resort to expensive surgeries , but today we’ll reveal some tricks regarding how to dress to look a bit ‘higher and fool the eye .

As for both sexes, the monochromatic color allows you to look taller because there are no breaks in tissue, thus extending the shape easily. Among the colors monochromatic, neutral or dark ones are preferable. As the monochromatic color, clothes with vertical patterns and shapes are ideal to deceive the eye . Even the fabric is important to be avoided rigid ones, and buy clothes that go down on our soft figure. Let’s consider one of the best selling clothing: the jeans . It should not be large, but not too tight. Must be perfect for our figure. It must be avoided at those curled or with different folds , which make the figure more stocky (especially for people a little ‘”plump”).


In the wardrobe of a woman should always be high-waisted dresses, which streamline all the figures, while we can afford to throw away all of our pants to low rise , several inches shorter than our body. In addition, for an evening gallant, the ideal would be a long dress (WARNING: be long , not half-measure). Or, if we can afford it without sounding vulgar, we can put a miniskirt, maybe to pair with our heels favorite . Accessories are also important: are preferred earrings with pendants and necklaces long. Also, just drop one end of the scarf on the front of our body to stretch our figure.

The men, however, should avoid heavy coats and jackets and wear jeans to natural life, as those low-rise shorten the male figure When wear a dress , maybe for an important event, the tip of the tie should end at the height of our belt and, as they are preferred vertical, the pinstripe suits are ideal . The garments should be neither too wide nor too narrow, and if you get a chance, would be better to have them custom tailor.