How to learn to walk like a mannequin parade? How to move and posture of a model are as important as its physical showcase a creation on a parade. Walking parade is very special: everyone is perfect for small home exercise videos, drawing large parades to gain body flexibility shoulders and hips properly to be comfortable on the day J. Train yourself to walk a straight line in front of a mirror or with someone who can see / correct. This training is to be carried out barefoot, flat shoe, and with different heights of heels (mannequins high fashion parade with heels usually 10 to 15 cm) and different outfits so that the movement seems easy and guaranteed in all circumstances. Make trips by pivoting in the end.

Step 1 : Place a book on his head and then try to perform the exercise without crashing, looking straight toward the horizon, much elongated neck and neck in line with back, shoulders back and chest bulging.

Step 2 : arms do not hang and not tense but harmoniously accompany body movements. Hands in pockets (formerly reserved only for men) are increasingly used in the staging of high couture. Stairs collided front stoop or without looking at his feet.


Step 3 : Create a natural swinging of lame by not crossing the feet remaining parallel advancing front of the other one along the line by placing the toes and the heel on the ground to create lightness (work knees and thighs, abdomen and buttocks tight back) without dropping the body weight.

Step 4 : the process must be fluid and feminine, light and elegant pace while remaining accurate (not jerky or trailing), all in a more or less quickly depending on the desired rate amplified by the creator or by choreographers whom he appeal. The turn must remain free of charge by marking a pause for photos.