This winter among fashions doc going crazy once again short cuts and asymmetrical , bob light but bulky, comfortable, and trendy. Even if you are just not good at all, in fact for a haircut from short lengths, have sweet features and harmonic is almost a must. But for those of you who do not want to give up anything for a long hair, radiant, sensual and steamy, that’s all the trends in vogue for long hair and medium-long.

A well done hair cut does matter and is often the secret, but this year, up to a certain point. The trend coming down the street from the catwalks in fact, prefer an appeal once again decided, grungy and rock, and on the other hand very little hairdresser street and rock, often disheveled or so apparently and mess undone, well away from short cuts net, smooth and flawless. Show off a sophisticated look with a hairstyle messy punk chic style, as we have often seen in the runway in September, is still very popular, and it is a trend that appeals to many.


If Gothic glam style just does not suits you, another hot trend wants haircuts proportions absolutely natural, not too scaled for a romantic result that a thousand waves that fall casually and absolutely perfect-not have to look a gift Mother Nature-on the shoulders and back. In contrast to this ethereal style and a little ‘hippie also the protagonist of the great fringe, cut this time decided, clear, geometric, square and shaped. Alternatively, if you do not like your hair cut before, and you do not have the right face shape, you can choose to play on the volume side, choosing a hairstyle always shaped and Geo, but with long tufts and marched in part.

Sees great coming back to center stage even the big hair, or those haircuts that make your hair puffy and thick, almost bouffant full allure back and sixties. In addition to cuts and equal miscibility in vogue this winter, the DIY chignon, braids vintage (try at least once!), And the rigors undercut, the trends for the cuts and hairstyles fashion 2013 going in the direction of a general mood more relaxed and easy, brilliant and natural.