The summer season comes to an end and it is time to discover all the fashion trends autumn 2013.

The autumn is approaching and it is time to discover some tendency to avoid being caught unprepared. In fact, considering that trends are not created out of nothing ever, but they are actually evolutions and interpretations, it is already possible to buy during the sales , or what remains of it, some leader who could become a fabulous must-have. So before starting to rattle off all those pieces that just can not miss in your wardrobe if you are the fashionista, you should immediately do a quick tour of the shops where they often go to be able to buy up some head to a price much more unique than rare.

You’ve seen already during last winter, also accompanied us during the summer and this fall will still be in fashion. What I mean? But overspecialize! jackets, shirts and even pants. In short, everything will be strictly big. And because it’s a fad that has dragged on for a while ‘see to brush up on a few recent purchase or indulge in a shopping spree granted.


You know the Scottish press? There, that is the tartan and, whether you like it or not, will be fashionable. The proposal is one that provides classic red as the base color, but we know that there are already known revivals, with forest green or yellow ocher. If you have not thrown anything, perhaps in the bottom of your closet you will find something.

Space to ‘ animal, and I would say, “and when ever.” And yes, because the animal never goes out of fashion, it seems, or rather, it is a trend that slowly but gradually fades, when you least expect it, back in vogue.

And speaking of prints, have you noticed that the fancy upholstery , the whole floral played on vintage colors is always the dominant of the streets but also of the red carpet? Here, let stand curtains and sofas, rather get yourself a good suit but double check that you gifts, because this is a plot a bit ‘difficult. In short, like all others, must be pondered.

The skin will be your friend, stop Marlee against. A leather jacket probably you have it all and if it does not it is time to procure. But it is not only the leather jackets the protagonists of this season, in fact, skirts, tops and sheath dresses will be covered in this soft material punk.

But what will be the top color of the autumn season? We all know, the emerald green is the color of the year must but autumn winks the eye to the dark red and intense, that slowly grows into an elegant and regal burgundy, burgundy or, if you prefer.