The heat is imposed and for several weeks, you only think that, out of your dressing light clothes for summer! And in the end, you wonder how light clothing and what material would be suitable for a summer full of freshness and lightness? Silk tunics, dresses, cotton shorts. You want to wear it all and you’re right! But there are also plenty of new, including the playsuit is all the rage in the fashion trends. A brief overview on clothing and materials not to be missed this summer!

The clothes

For summer, the focus is on the court, the amplitude and the light! Clothing flexible, air and comfortable, these are the key words of a suitable outfit for the summer.

Lightweight summer clothing: skirts and dresses

Have the best friends of women when the outside temperature approaches 20 ° C, twirling skirts and reveal their legs! Fluid or straight, long or short, the key is to have legs in the air. The strapless dress is in the spotlight this year, so much enjoy. Especially that there are all kinds, long, short and even combined bustiers. Then this summer, quickly adopt the bustier cut!

Lightweight summer clothing: shorts

Allies and was almost indispensable to the beach shorts are almost mandatory! They are denim, cotton, linen, white, red or with all kinds of reasons most unlikely as each other, the shorts are expected in summer! In addition, for those who do not really feel very comfortable with skirts, shorts facilitates the movement of legs. Bright shorts, long live freedom of gams!


Light clothes for summer: short-combis

Small derived from short and super trendy this year, playsuit will be paid by all fashionistas and regarded as the “must have” this summer. Very comfortable to wear and super comfortable, the playsuit is unanimous!
What is cotton, satin or linen, nothing diminishes comfort. A real pleasure!

Light clothes for summer: gauchos

Halfway between pants and shorts, capris is the very popular as soon as spring starts to point the tip of his nose. Ideal to wear during a half fig half grape and perfect day to begin to tame the legs to the outside. Materials The slogan is “light”, then bet on comfortable and fabrics for comfort 100% and a lightweight feel 200%! Because summer clothes should be flexible, lightweight, and does not restrict the movement of the person wearing the doors. And finally, regardless of the length of the dress, because it is above all the material that is lightweight! A brief overview of the favorite fabrics of summer:

Lightweight summer clothing: cotton

Great value, cotton is undoubtedly the most run of all the materials. Very strong and lightweight, cotton is a fabric that does not move with the times, then “yes”, you can quite out your tunic 1998! Variant of cotton, and much lighter, cotton voile meanwhile is ideal for your clothes, light pieces for the summer. Even lighter, cotton muslin. This fabric, thin and transparent brought joy to all those who enjoy playing on transparency effects. But be careful because the chiffon is quite fragile. Wear it when you know that you will not have to do the contortionist!

Light clothes for summer: linen

Synonymous with lightweight linen is the flagship for all summer!Worn with pants, dress shorts. flax is very flexible, but it is true, however, weaker than cotton. Nevertheless, it remains safe value was because it does not happen a hot season without wearing a skirt, pants or a linen tunic. However, linen is a fiber creases very quickly, so watch always take care of the garment where you sit!

Lightweight summer clothing: crepe

Whether crepe cotton, silk crepe, crepe is a lightweight fabric with a touch is not smooth on the contrary. It is however very strong and durable fabric, which may seem surprising when we know that it is a very fine fabric and transparent.

Light clothes for summer: silk and satin

In the evening, take the little dress in silk or satin, in the evening, it will be perfect for its purpose!
In addition, it is ideal for those evenings because cool summer nights makes the material easier and more comfortable to wear.