Here comes the spring and you have to lighten, both wardrobe that hairstyle ! Who wants to change your look in a radical way, with a cut or a different tint, it can give a look at the hair trends spring summer 2013 and will discover that go a great deal of i cuts that you they see rather that the hair “uncultivated” to the natural, as well as different shades of color, tenuous or risky, but without middle ways. It is known though that when you exit to the hairdresser you is perfect, the difficult is to succeed in create a style daily whether we like it. From the gateway the response arrives: nothing hairstyles sophisticated or excessively structured, only fresh look easily achievable at home from sun. Let’s see then what are the 7 hairstyles and trends for the spring 2013 .

Hair Bun good ton Always a classic, re purposed, every year in its thousand versions for this hot season in 2013 the chignon is brought in very rigorous style , as proposed in parades Ralph Lauren. Wash and dry the hair smoothing it with a hair dryer and brush, and then proceed with styling, helping you to keep your hair in arrange with some special product , if it serves. Fate a queue half-height Ambika, bind with a rubber band, then around the hair, staking them with of the hairpins. You will have a elegant coiffure and catered for everyone the days, perfect for the job as well as for an elegant evening. Weave of beauty That the braids they are just for the little girls in school age is by now been disproved in all possible ways. Le star who wear their hair intertwined are numerous and of all ages, because the trick is choose the braid right for the occasion.


To a casual style and sporty you opt for the braid disheveled , maybe made ​​of side and letting the strands more court are brought out rebels to frame the face. To be chic and elegant instead you prefer a or more Tracie “composed” and well pulled , from the braid to Salman that part from junction the hair to a sympathetic crossing of internecine who go to decorate and moving or positioning the ‘hairstyle, will be enough a last touch with lacquer fixative for maintain the perfect job all day or in the evening. Versatile tail Do not high, rather made ​​low on the nape of the neck or a little more up, the ponytail is another Since forever with which “play” . Anoint the hair and make it adherents to the nape before tie them to tail for a effect pulled Otherwise, leave it slow , with strands scattered, or still enrich it with a clasp decorated or pair it to a circlet trendy .

Wet Look Do you think that l ‘ effect wet both suitable only the days on the beach? Wrong! If you created in the art can be a pass part out also in the city. Played with the gel, modeling the roots and leaving more natural the tips, or distributing it on the whole length. Create waves and move, or alternatively let, but do not ever put accessories, because the result must be simplicity extreme , at most is granted collect hair with a rubber band barely visible. Hair dressed in festive clothes Do you love accessories for hair? Then with circlets , colored bands or hats . Dolce and Gabbana propose foulard brightly hued, which reminiscent of the summer of their beautiful native land, the Sicily,, and are woven with simplicity, on hair loose or collected.

Alexander McQueen is decidedly more extreme and gives itself to hats very special, but also a lightweight the straw hat just pulled down over eyes will do just fine. Tousled Hair artfully Do not to all like them, but for sure are no special. I uncombed hair are not simple to bring compatibility are to be buds and uncombed artfully, unfortunately not enough simply get up in the morning and forget of the brush. Often seen gathered around the head or pointing with hairpins. The important is that you have safety in you and into your look and that the expression of those who think “I’m too cool for Worrying of the hair!”.

Only for bad girls!Governing wave I wavy hair never go out of fashion: that they are the perfect waves of the pinup or the waves more natural style sons of the flowers, damage large prominence to the face. If you have the lucky enough to have wavy hair, leave to dry to the natural, simply by adding a little oil Governing for define its movement. If you have them smooth Use a special product to fix the hair and create waves with the iron, more or less soft as you enjoy.