If you want a smooth skin , caress-proof, you have the possibility to choose between various methods of hair removal . Each of these with the advantages and disadvantages and not everyone can fit in the same way for different people. If you have not yet figured out which method is most suitable for your needs do not worry, you can simply read this simple guide to find out what are the pros and cons of all hair removal methods and decide which of these and more suited to your needs.

hair removal methods

Woman bleaching facial hair

Among the various methods of hair removal there are some that will help you have a smooth skin for at least a couple of weeks, and other less lasting effect. Moreover, some of them are quick ways to remove unwanted hair, others require more time and patience. Analyze them one by one. As the first method, we have the razor which happens to be certainly the easiest, cheapest and fastest you can use to Shave. Shaving with a razor is also completely painless and you can use it also for the most delicate areas of the body always using extreme caution. The root, in fact, is not stimulated and, consequently, it is not possible that the razor has the capacity to medicare the structure of the hairs causing them to grow thicker. This method is therefore an excellent system, both to save the situation in cases of emergency, either as a routine method.

A method of hair removal , similar in some respects to the razor, is the use of creams and soaps depilatories . These products are very strong and aggressive because they contain acidic chemicals that “dissolve” the hairs until they disconnect. As with the razor, even depilatory creams and soaps act on the root of the hair, so if you dilapidated with these products you will get a result very durable. In fact hair will grow back after a maximum of five days. This is however a practical and fast enough to Shave, for shutter speeds do not exceed, in general, 10 minutes. The disadvantage of this type of depilatories regards the risk of irritation on the skin, especially if delicate. Before using creams or soaps for Shave always test the product on a small area of the body and wait 48 hours to verify your tolerance to it.

To obtain a more durable you can choose between two methods of hair removal very effective : the waxing and the electric depilatory. Waxing is a method of hair removal professional that, if done properly, will ensure a skin free from hair for weeks . Indeed, with this technique the hair is removed at the root. In addition, when the hairs grow back are thin and soft to the touch. Whether you decide to make the beautician or at home, you have to consider that you need a longer time than previous methods of hair removal. In addition, this method is painless as the other two before seen so not suitable for all. This depends on your personal “pain threshold” and the degree of sensitivity of your skin. To suffer less during the Yanks opt for the warm wax: the heat opens the pores of the skin making it easier and sweet eradication hair. The waxing, besides being a bit ‘painful, can also have other disadvantages. If you suffer from capillary fragility, the Yanks with the strips can be traumatic and highlight blood vessels.

Even with the electric depilatory you can get a hair removal effective and lasting. As with waxing However, this method requires a bit ‘of time and .. Come on! If the tear with waxing, and its feeling of pain lasts a few seconds, with the electric depilatory this unpleasant feeling is more prolonged. However, the pain caused by this method is less intense and, if you like utilization technique of hair removal routine, your skin will get used quickly becoming less sensitive to pain. The electric depilatory have a disadvantage especially if not used correctly can favor the appearance of ingrown hairs and follicular. These are inflammation of the hair follicles that are manifested in the form of pimples red. To avoid that the hairs grow back into the skin, be sure you use the depilatory always against the grain, pulling the skin with one hand, so that it remains taut during the passage of rotating tweezers. In addition, it will be helpful to make a scrub before depilatory to facilitate the escape of any ingrown hairs already.