The paintings, retro or British, were the big trend for autumn / winter 2008/2009 and have been able to obtain our wardrobe. The garment cult remains his shirt, but now the pictures are imposed on other heads of clothing and many accessories. Analysis of this trend .


The origin of the fashion square is the traditional Scottish garment, the kilt. This is a skirt made ​​with a fabric of wool called tartan , where the lines intersect to form patterns of the pictures. Although the most famous is the tartan green and blue, in Scotland there are more than 5000 and each one represents a family of Scotland. In the 70s the pictures make their appearance in London, with the punk movement. The girls wear the kilt skirts-red and black with the ripped leggings. Dressing the legendary group the Sex Pistol, the designer Vivienne West wood league permanently paintings to fashion punk.

From that moment, the designers got excited for this trend , which became a cult. Chanel mixes and superimposes various forms of paintings, Jean Paul Gautier loves bright colors and combines the tartan in bright yellow tights, leather jackets, black belts. All home fashion creations offer squares.Nowadays, the success of the fashion plaid is renewed by the stars. Mary Kate Olsen loves to wear long shirts tartan size XXL on the slim or just about opaque tights. In line with its style , the model Agyness Deyn takes pictures in an original way, while actress Kate combines tartan shirt in high-wasted trousers. Kristen Dust brings the same type of shirt with shorts, and you could go on forever because the stars are really captured by this trend !


How to take pictures

Tips for your morphology

If you are busty, is wearing thin squares, which will balance your curves and make your figure more homogeneous. For you, the garment is the cult shirt. If you’re tall and thin, the checked trousers give volume to your silhouette and will be a strong charisma to your look. If you are petite and focuses on the upper part: put a jacket and flared pants or prevents the boots tartan. A look that associate the pictures :

Rock: just put some tight-fitting leather pants with a large red and black shirt and a pair of boots with a heel.
British : to look like a schoolgirl English, wearing a mini-skirt-kilt with a navy blue blazer and uses a headband to keep the hair .
Hippie: hippie and if you want to be fashionable , choose a long shirt orange and green, to be associated with gray leggings and boots or high-heeled loafers.
Chic: If you prefer the style and urban chic, wearing a plaid skirt, a jacket and buckskin boots.

Mistakes to avoid

The large pictures fatten: curves, the paintings become larger and emphasize the horizontal dimension of the body. If you’re not skinny, avoid tartan trousers.

Do not stack the pictures : Do not mix stripes and checks, although Chanel does. It is better to have one garment checked, good quality, a total look, it would be much too!