For the fashion business there are certainly such a thing as etiquette. So they come stylish on the job.

Experts are of the opinion that the clothing is crucial to the success of a woman involved. It’s not just to comply with certain styling rules, but to secure the occurrence that is mediated by the right clothes. Men have it a little easier with the professional clothing, a good suit, a shirt and a tie is there not go far wrong as long as you focus on quality. Women want to contrast the one hand not to come across as stuffy, on the other hand seem reputable. To find the exact balance is not easy. Quality clothing for women, the alpha and omega, business wear, you buy from known brands or even from top designers and not from H & M and C & A. This is true at least for the middle and senior management levels, for front-line employees are the rules for sure not so strict. But who wants to move up professionally should definitely invest a little more in his dressing room.

Missteps in fashion avoid

There are certain things that are in the business fashion absolutely taboo. These may include short skirts as well as flashy colored nails or excessive perfume. Depending on the industry, the taboos are of course different. While in an advertising agency is much OK sure already frills and bows or sequins are in a bank too much. This also applies to tattoos, and long hair worn open. For all sectors, however, one is common: Clothes should never appear unkempt, worn or eroded. Even in the advertising and media industry, where flashy outfits are OK, a neat appearance is important. Open shoes and nylon stockings, heels expired or inappropriate stockings are here an absolute taboo.


Business Fashion for conservative professions

In conservative professions, it is difficult but sometimes also easier to dress in style. For if the dress code is very strict, there are not to think about. Buy multiple quality costumes and pantsuits and combine to blouses and matching color tops. Do not use flashy jewelry, colored painted fingernails and excessive makeup. The combinations of colors should be more classic, which you absolutely must be oriented to the current fashion trends. Here it is important to select the trends that are suitable for the job. This fall, for example, are shades of brown and dark blue trend colors , this can of course also use a conservative business outfit.

Sexy Fashion in the office?

Again, this applies in any industry (at least in each, where there are also offices): sexy clothes is not an option in the office. To short skirts, high heels and a plunging neckline looking cheap and may even harm the career. For in this case it can happen quite possible that you are not from male co-workers and your boss seriously. The cliche that a woman could make by playing her charms career is only partly. Modern business women rely solely on their skills and talents. Of course, this also includes an attractive appearance, which may be safely assist in one or another situation. Sexy business outfit should never act!