When you know how to achieve head turning rock chick style, you are going to join classes with some of the most alluring and spectacularly styled women in the world. The great news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get this look. In fact, you might have quite a bit of what you all ready need to look like the coolest rock chick ever.

To truly pull off rock chick style, you must first realize it’s all about your attitude! That’s right, put that on before you put anything else on. Rock and roll women are in a class all their own when it comes to being strong, yet fun, with a dash of glamour and a sprinkling of pure grit.

Rock Chick Style

Next, style your hair with a no style look, such as a pony tail set high on the head, with some loose strands escaping that. Or, leave it down and a bit shaggy looking or extremely straight. You can dress it up with funky braids, or color it every color of the rainbow if you like. Just keep it looking like you didn’t just spend three hours in the mirror because true rock chicks don’t care that much about how their hair looks since they’ll be messing it up on the dance floor anyway.

Makeup is a big deal for rock chick style and you can go dark or pale depending on your preference. Either way, don’t forget the black eyeliner. You may also want to throw on an additional layer of mascara for a great effect. The trick for true rock chick glam is to avoid looking like you are overly made up. So, either choose to play up your eyes with smoky shades and wear more subtle lipstick colors, or go bold with the lips and play down your eye makeup. Oh, and toss the blush, pale is cool in the rock and roll world.

After your makeup you can dress up. Some of the best clothes to wear to rock out in will totally depend on your genre of choice. If you like your rock and roll hard and heavy, go for distressed jeans, leather and bold accessories such as a lot of bangle bracelets. If you like goth, wear all black with a dash of crimson or purple. You can throw in some very feminine touches with goth styles such as a long, flowing skirt and lots of lace. On the other hand, if you enjoy rockabilly, you might want to head to your local thrift shop and pick up some cool pinup style skirts and funky high heels.

As you can see, achieving the coolest rock chic style depends on your attitude first. Then, have a great time mixing and matching clothing, makeup and accessories that will fit in to the type of rock and roll you like best. Don’t forget to check out what your favorite rock star women are wearing so you can gain more inspiration. You’ll be rocking your style in no time!