The makeup is one of the more creative and loved by women. How to resist, for example, the temptation of a lipstick colored? Apply the lipstick is not an easy task as it sounds: you have to take a little ‘hand! It takes small steps for perfect lips. How to apply lipstick? Which color to choose? Much depends on the look you want to achieve! A natural look can also be achieved by an application is not exactly flawless, but for Cool lips and lipsticks that last a long time there are a few rules to follow. Let’s see how to properly apply lipstick.

First, make sure your lips are in perfect condition and possibly elemina unsightly cuticles with a brush or soft cloth to clean the face. It hydrates the lips with cocoa butter or Shea butter, even better if you use, however, argan oil or sweet almond. Avoid too much fat products because they are a great base for lipstick , do you prefer the more oily products and apply them in small doses for lips hydrated and soft but at the same time, ready for the application of makeup without smudging.


If you choose a tint decided, for example red, apply lipstick on her lower lip and then join his lips. Fill the zones left empty with the help of a brush from the tip of the small and thin. For a long sealing apply several thin layers with the brush, one above the other. Always blot with a paper towel to absorb excess oiliness and leave only the pigment. Finally, the color goes over one last time. Refine the outline of your lips with a gentle stretch and lightweight lip pencil in the same color as the lipstick.

If you do not like to use pencils for lips, use a brush instead, which will give a result less heavy. If you’re used to the pencil, so choose a color in the same color but slightly lighter than your lipstick and glassful so leave not a clear line. The goal is not to drool lipstick not to look like a clown!.