How many times have you been assailed by doubts of fashion? Well, if you were worried about then it would be normal because it would mean that you really care what you wear, how you wear it and really want to always give a good impression. ‘s not the clothes that make the Monaco? Maybe! But it is the first impression that counts? Here, these are phrases, pictures and if someone has made ​​obviously wanted to communicate something. Do not pretend you want to join a current rather than another because the synthesis is: is not the clothes that make the Monaco but give a good impression caring certainly gives more possibilities that otherwise would have never been granted.

clarified this point now it is a must to follow the rules, in fact, today we are on the contrary, we avoid errors . I will talk about the most common mistakes that people do and you, after this list, you will learn hand hand that what you absolutely avoid. Note: Errors to avoid going to read that now serve not only to win a girl. It’s not just the girls that matter. Do you plan to go for an interview or to go to an important dinner or to the theater and also at the bar. Damn! If you dress poorly you all theoretician as ‘louts’! is that what you want?



First of all, you do not have to look at the clothes of your friends , those closest. How do you dress? There seem ridiculous? Fail to make gains? They are successful at work? Here is an analysis of the answers to these questions. If they look ridiculous never mind their recommendations and evaluations , evidently do not understand anything. If you are getting hit on women and then boss are a good source of inspiration.


The accessories are important! A man, as a woman, she needs super cool accessories! A woman would spend everything he has in shoes and bags, you’re lucky, you can focus solely on the shoes. Caution : When I say intent shoes leather shoes, dress shoes, walking shoes not sneakers! And find a bell ‘ watch because there is nothing better among the jewels status for a man. Trust!


Forget the white socks ! Eliminate from your tray and fill it with the long dark socks. We avoid the error by eliminating it at the root!


The clothes must always be clean. Your mother know that you have used well, but if you live alone do remember that the washing machine and hand washing is more important to see the last final of the Champions!


Do you have money to spend? Blessed are you! Do not make me see them spend on buy and mesh on which there are logos branded because I could go crazy! Damn! With that money you could even buy a tailored shirt tailor-made just for you!