And finally we can not choose between the heads of clothing to wear and heavier feel to this fashion with superimposed. Yes you read right: you can finally wear your favorite coat or jacket in boiled wool which emphasizes your silhouette, without having to become cyanogen from the cold! It will be sufficient to superimpose a soft hood, poncho or if you prefer, to achieve a truly glamorous and carefree gathering around you all the warmth of wool. Ready? You just read some advice on how to match your woolen poncho preferred to show off the clothes more trendy of the day.


Rooted in Latin America, the poncho (or Italian-style poncho) and has invaded the Western fashion as a colorful accessory, very useful to brighten up the cold autumn colors but also to heat so fun if played with a jacket or evening dresses lighter and sleeveless. Mainly in wool, the enveloping poncho is nothing more than a cape size tubular or obtained from a single fabric of square shape, with central opening on to stick the head. It is proposed by the big names and, therefore, made ​​with materials sometimes very valuable, but is also available at various stalls or exhibitions. Even the vintage style picks it up, because our grandmothers the same and used it to protect themselves from the cold.

It is known that in the world of fashion sooner or later everything comes back and she also worked the warm hood of the plot or smooth, fringed or finished, of varying length you require in our closet. The poncho can be worn over a dress with leggings and in this way it is interpreted as a large sleeveless sweater which will come only from the hands. Note in these cases: a good squeeze to life with a soft belt coordinated to emphasize the shoe with a sleek and exalt all the femininity that you want to carry around.

The poncho can also be used over a coat as a useful ploy to make a heavier outerwear that sometimes do not warm up enough. Yes of course the combination with the most charming jackets in soft leather that both are combined with elegant garments and light but which may, in addition to comfort and convenience, the disadvantage of being barely usable in the winter season, if not heated by a hood in wool . The brevity of the encounter between seasons in fact an answer precisely with this head that adds elegance and sportiness without changing the color or look. It ‘simply superimposed, a beautiful poncho to a shirt with jeans to give grit all’incedere more jaunty, perhaps highlighted by a boot more dynamic. The idea is also a great Christmas gift!.