Having hair is nice. It flows and shines and attracts attention. Hair can be worn in unlimited styles using almost unlimited number of hair ornaments from barrettes to scarves to clothe elastics to combs and more. A favorite way to wear hair accessories that is long and sleek is to turn the head upside down. Bend over and brush the hair downward then take a round comb barrette and capture all the hair in the barrette, vertical pony tail style. Stand up and gather the hair in a round compact bun and add a colorful clothe elastic to add stability to the gathered hair.

An elastic or spandex hair band can also be used. Wrap it around the gather bun of hair several times to make a rather neat, tight bun. To add color coordination, tie in another elastic hair band over the first one. Go about the day with the hair up on top of the head, while protected from breakage and the elements, also offering a carefree style that takes moments to create.

Wear Hair Accessories

Another way to wear long flowing hair is with side twists from a part in the middle of the head. A part on the side of the head is also fine. Twist one lock from the front of the part several times. Take a small hinged hair clip and hold that twisted lock in place in the back of the head. Take a similar amount of hair from the other side of the front of the head and twist it the opposite direction several times and then take another small hinged hair clip and clip this twisted lock to the back of the head in a spot spaced apart from the other twisted lock. Then take the two locks out of their clips with a lock in each hand and begin to make a french braid.

After making a long braid have some colorful elastic hair bands at the ready. Wind the long braid in a short two to three inch long bun all the way up to the top of the braid and begin to wrap an elastic head band around the bun-braid. Then, take another contrasting colored thick elastic hair band and wrap it around the bun again. This protects the long hairs from damage, wear and tear. It keeps the hair out of the way for sports and activities and keeps the head cool during hot summer days. Add a few hair clips to the head for decoration and for keeping lose hairs in place. If desired add some styling gel to keep the fly-aways to a minimum.

One more very quick and easy up-do for long flowing hair is the single long twist in a hair clip. Find a medium large hinged hair clip of choice. There are so many fabulous hinged hair clips on the market that any will do. Take all the hair after being combed and pull it back. Twist it several turns in one long twisted length. Wrap it around one hand. Take the clip with the other hand and clip to the back of the head. This is a fast and easy hair do for long flowing hair.

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