The treatment and care of the tattoo is a topic that have spread somewhat approximate information on the network and on which, at the same time, it is high attention from the users as an issue connected, first of all, the health of the epidermal tissue . The intervention put in place already in the early hours of the execution of the tattoo ward the onset of infections , deterioration of the design and determine the appearance of the tattoo over time . Let’s see what precautions to follow to protect and care for your tattoo.

As long as you are in the study of professional tattoo artist he will take care of the cleaning and sterilization of the area, to protect the skin “wounded” by applying a bandage for protection, as well as his care will advise you on the products to use and follow the directions from to careful and respectful cleaning the area. Immediately after the responsibilities of a good application of the instructions becomes your responsibility. During the early hours of the execution of the tattoo the risk of infection is highest, so it must be equally provident your behavior in order to exclude any possible contamination. In this regard, it becomes important not to rush in wanting to discover the area and remove the protection.


Leave spend at least 4-5 hours before removing the bandage and make sure to be clean and comfortable environment, where it is easily accessible bathroom and an antibacterial cleanser to wash your hands. A clean hands you can gently remove the bandage and wash the tattoo using only lukewarm water because the flavor, although neutral, tends to alter the pH by removing the natural sebum secretion. Dab the skin with a paper towel or a clean cloth. Leave to rest the affected area for about ten minutes and in the meantime returned to wash your hands. Then apply a thin layer of the product indicated for the aftercare massaging gently and letting the absorbing surface.

do not need to re-bandage the area unless an oozing clear fluid, it is preferable to let the skin breathe maybe wearing loose clothing to avoid creating friction while protecting the epidermis. A bandage may be indicated only in the case of required attendance of dusty. The cleaning and cleansing of the area is also appropriate before going to bed following the indications described above .

When the skin starts to heal you run the washing once a day and apply the aftercare about 4 times a day to prevent burns, infections and scabs that can remove stains parts of the tattoo. Make sure the skin is completely healed before tackling damp places, spas, swimming pool and sea included, since they are sources of bacterial infection and viral trading vehicles. Until complete healing , which occurs on average within 20 days after surgery, are equally to avoid the sun and alternative sources of heat, sun lamps, water sports and massage treatments directly.

It should be noted that the tattoo you look through the skin, hence the importance of taking all necessary steps to perfect healing of the skin: a prelude itself over time the integrity of the design. Keep hydrated constant, gentle cleaning (no aggressive detergents), a body protected from the rays of UVA-UVB solar equipment (radiation are enemy of tattoos) is that you’ll have to devote attention to ensure that your tattoo in the time may appear faint or lose its definition.

And finally some useful tips: – Avoid to stay in soak and soak the tattoo: it could lead to a loss of ink; – avoid the sun until it is completely cured; – avoid scratching the tattoo to avoid creating small wounds or scrape the coloring in case of itching pat the area with the bare hand or pour over alcohol – the removal of the tattooed area may only be made ​​whole, – prevents sea water as salt corrodes.