The tattoo is a distinctive symbol that never goes out of fashion and can give something extra with their partner. Learn how to cure it is important because, although it is indelible, he need special care especially in the early days, but unfortunately most of the times the negative results after a few years we will see them and at that point we will have only two ways out: eliminate it or cover it. Let’s see what precautions to take to have no unpleasant surprises.

Just after the tattoo will certainly irritated skin, we apply a type of cream that is soothing and then wrap the area of the tattoo with the protective film, marchioness one that is impermeable to water or use a bandage cotton. Just spent 3 hours, carefully remove the plastic wrap and wash the area with cold water and soap gentle, soothing cream then apply again, for the first 24-48 hours avoid doing sports , as the sweat could remove some of the ink. We try to pass the cream several times a day on the tattoo and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.


Given that the affected area is very delicate, avoid taking dust and dirt, also for at least 7 days we avoid clothes that are too tight because that would ruin the colors and could lead to infection. If the skin becomes too dry, apply a moisturizer every 3 hours, we pay attention not to use Vaseline and cortisone creams to prevent irritation even serious. Also do not try to remove the crusts for no reason: we risk ruining the tattoo, but with creams hydrate until it off by themselves.

We avoid all contact with the chlorine in swimming pools and salt water, even with the very hot water to avoid the effect similar to that of sweat. Instead contact with soap, I recommend that it is neutral, that’s great and if we rest assured we apply a lot of soothing cream on the tattoo as to create a barrier effect on it. If you’re on vacation and we want to sunbathe remember to apply sunscreen with protection (100%) and then abound with after-sun, and finally if we have pets avoid contact for at least 5 days. I took these precautions for at least 15-20 days, and if you did everything right we should not even go over the tattoo for years to come and we can rest easy knowing.