Here we go, it’s finished! The Cannes Film Festival, 2013, after having accompanied us for over a week, it is finished and, as it turned, all the expectations created around the film Italians, were neglected. Those who expected a reward, however small, to the film by Sorrentino , it’s definitely left high and dry. The same applies to Honey Golino. The only consolation that seems a bit ‘is’ Save’.

But back to us and for the last time, at least this year, we look at the last look of the stars together. Unusual duo that formed by Asia Argento and Uma Thruman. In fact they have nothing in common except the dress silver gray. The Italian actress chose a dress skirt, which reminds me very much one of those seen during the latest collection of Louis Vuitton. When I talk about dress skirt, as you can see, I say good and right because of skirt it is. In mid-gray silk with lace decoration on the breast and on the end of the tight skirt and midi. That Asia has not had time to dress themselves, is threaded sandals and has fallen on the fly for the red carpet? Uma Thurman, however, chose a dress large, just silver, tagged Giorgio Armani. She is definitely lovely but the ‘dress, threw a bit’ so, it looks like a dress. The jewelry market, however, are wonderful!


A quick look at the jury. Audrey Tatou, godmother of this year, has chosen a long dress red, rather large, with pink baby. We like? Ni. The dress itself is not bad, but said quite frankly, I do not feel to reward this look. Sorry.
Conversely there is Nicole Kidman, who has sported his best outfit during the last evening but, to tell the truth, it is always very chic. The signature design of Armani is not exaggerated. The bodice with the neckline is divine but mostly it is worn divinely. The hairstyle, makeup, jewelry. all very well thought out.

When I saw her at moments I took a shot. What you are putting on him Laetitia Caste ? Leaving aside, because in fact it loses value, the black dress of Dior with transparencies and flowers applied, the question arises: what kind of animal was plucked to achieve this look hideous? I can not go further, really, I can not say anything sensible. Horrendous, nothing else.

Luckily there is Berenice Bejo , awarded as best actress for ‘The past’. To be honest even she chose a chic and sophisticated look that worked because the dress without sleeves, lace, transparencies and pencil skirt from Elie Saab, and matching shoes of Christian Louboutin certainly can not criticize me this look (especially after that of caste). Cannes closes for best look , in my personal opinion, goes to Sharon Stone, as well as on the red carpet wearing nice clothes also chose to s override the face of wrinkles.