The tattoo is a mode of skin beautification (very fashionable) consisting of the introduction of colored pigments in the dermis (with the aid of needles) for the purpose of imparting a character or a drawing permanently. In fact engraving as indelible for many people is not an easy decision because usually the fear to repent (or worse can not support any future expenses resulting from removal of the design with the laser) gets the upper hand on the subject, however, attracted by the idea to undergo the above technique (because the cost of removal are very high and vary according to the type and size of the decoration carried out). Council therefore users to rely on dubious methods of temporary tattoo . In this guide I will show you how to create temporary tattoos following a procedure to create a completely non-invasive incision.

First, it may be useful to users that are currently available on the market of henna tattoos (you will find the kit tattoo with a duration of about 1 week in a common herbal medicine) that allow you to create a symbol painless and natural on the skin via the creation of imaginative designs with pigments (also colored) completely done by hand (by visiting online sites, you will find a wide variety of characters and symbols of every size and cost, you can choose to make your design temporary).


Resort to tattoos spray (much used by people from the world of the show) can be (like the previous alternative) a mode for the original change frequently and without risks its own tattoo without stifling the skin, but rather by simply applying a stencil where you want and squirting abundantly colored spray (according to the color more or less clear that it prefers the design will last at least 10 days).

Council finally users who want to use a technique very cheap and above all original, to make use of the technique of solar tattoo (done by the beauty centers of large cities), which consist in wearing the special fabrics variously perforated (with precision) in order to undergo a solar lamp that enables the success of a design unusual and imaginative.