Protect sensitive parts from the sun and tattoos is really important. Discover solar products that will help you protect the most sensitive parts of the skin and your tattoo.

You can protect even the most sensitive parts of the sun ? Of course you do! How right habit, we usually docket a sunscreen, appropriate to our complexion, before going to sea. There are areas of the body, however, which are more sensitive than others. Many suffer from sunburn on the nose, some on shoulders, others still get sunburns parts most unthinkable as the neck, the neck of the foot, knees or elbows. Each has its own areas most at risk than others, so choose the right sun protection is no longer enough. Efforts should be made ​​of something more specific, more focused to protect the most sensitive areas of the body.


Are you ready to go to sea? Here we are, and probably someone has already enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately, especially during the first exposure, the sensitive parts of our body have been put to the test. Surely you have entrusted to good products for sensitive skin, such as those of Collisional , but often is not enough. Lately, the market there are several products specially formulated for super sensitive parts and have a high tolerance. products are formatted stick with UVA, UVB and are suitable for every skin type.

Probably, some of you have tattoos , will know some of these products or will come into contact with them at least the first few times you set out their tattoo to the sea. Indeed, in addition to the many delicate areas of the body, including around the eyes and nose , there are also areas where you have chosen to make a tattoo. Perhaps not everyone knows that where the sun tans, on the tattoo fades, then the tattoo, over time loses its ink. To this must be protected with suitable solar stick. Among the best products for tattoos, there is one very recommended. This is the Tattoo Stick SPF 60 by Australian Gold, a well known brand of solar. It is one stick from the transparent texture which has 5 sunscreens, which serve to protect the tattoo.

But what are the other solar products suitable for sensitive skin?

Among the most ‘popular’ you can rely on those of Deborah Bioetyc, more precisely to stick protective face and sensitive areas SPF 50, this product costs about 12 euro. too Clarine offers a special Special solar stick for sensitive areas, 100%, mineral, which costs about 22 euro. If you prefer something odorless you should stick solar sensitive areas SPF 50 + of Clinicians, about 9:50 €.

To protect the lips from cracking risk, Also for the lips you can instead focus on the Sun Lipstick Piz Buin with spf 20 and it costs about 5 €. Sunscreen products suitable for sensitive skin are also very nourishing, soothing and have vitamins and antioxidants for a good anti-aging formula . As always, remember not to expose to direct sunlight during the hottest time slot, 12-15, to hydrate by drinking lots of water and spread the cream and put the stick every now and then, especially after a bath.